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Youtube Sponsor Announcement!

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Check out the Sponsor feature (currently in Beta) under the video at $4.99 a month. May not yet be available in your country.

Remember its not mandatory to sponsor us and videos will continue to be uploaded as usual but this new feature enables us to grow the Simple History channel and give you a greater part to play in it!

You can help us make this become a reality by enlisting into our army, which will give you new perks on the channel!

The perks you will gain are:

‘Enlisted Badge’ Show everyone that you are a Simple History sponsor with a unique custom badge that shows alongside your username on video comments, community post comments and live chat.

‘The Time Traveller’ - You can get early access to episodes days or even weeks earlier before anyone else.
If you are eager to see episodes and can’t wait then gain this new power!

‘The Influencer’ We get thousands of comments on one video or community post alone and it would be impossible for us to read them all!

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