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Windows 10 Game Mode Promises To Improve Gaming Considerably

2016-12-30 11:30 TechWindows 33 0 0
Windows 10 Game Mode Promises To Improve Gaming Considerably

It may have been a late reveal, but the Windows 10 Game Mode feature may actually be one of the more useful additions to the upcoming Creators Update for the operating system.

We actually got our first real hint at this addition yesterday.

But soon after that unveil from regular Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, some more information has floated up that may answer some questions that users have about this feature. Questions like how it will work and whether gamers can actually expect significant performance improvements while gaming.

Well, this report adds in some more details from different sources, claiming that this dedicated gaming mode in Windows 10 will work quite like how Xbox One handles running games.

“Our own sources have said this feature works similarly to how Xbox One handles running a game. Xbox OS, when a game is launched, will allocate resources to make sure the game is running the best it possibly can. Up until now, Windows hasn’t had a built-in option for this that benefits games directly, but with the Creators Update that will be changing.”

Very welcome change this, then, if true.

Of course, users do have access to similar functionality via some third-party software like the very popular AVG PC TuneUp suite of applications — which slightly improves performance.

But if Microsoft can pull this off at the operating system level, then that could be really something!

Still, a lot of questions remain and details are not yet clear on whether this option will work with all games including Steam and Origin, for example. Or whether Microsoft aims to limit this to just Windows Store titles.

That’s okay, because the Windows 10 Game Mode is actually yet to become functional.

More information on it is likely to arrive soon, so stay tuned.

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