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Top 10 Apple Design Features You Fail to Notice

2017-3-14 21:00 VideosWeird 09:19 48 0 0
Apple is notorious for exquisite secret design features hidden on their tech products like their iwatch and iphone. From their wallpapers to their led light and fan patents, here are top 10 design features of your everyday Apple tech bits that you fail to notice.
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Featuring... Wallpapers - We chose our wallpapers based on individual taste but we never contemplate about them for a long time. Sometimes, we are clearly oblivious to the amount of work that goes into creating an Apple Watch wallpaper. Astronomy Apple Watch Face - There is something peculiar about the Astronomy watch face on Apple Watches, as well. While they obviously didn’t go to the length to film actual planets rotating, what you see are actual positions of planets in the Solar System in real-time. Seemingly Borderless Screen illusion on the Apple Watch - If you have an Apple Watch you would probably like to know why the screen looks like it has no borders at times. Apple deals with this quite extraordinarily. This illusion is created by making the background a deeper shade of black, a few shades darker than the one used in iPhones. Appealing LED Indicator - Moving on to other Apple devices, what about the MacBook? Well, that’s sprinkled with surprises too. Have you ever noticed that small light on the side that often blinks? Fans That Listen to You - Apple keeps proving that their hardware is no less perfectly designed than their software. As an example, take their ‘’smart fans’’. And this is not referring to the users of their products if that came to your mind, but actual fans built into their Macs. Accidental Clicks - This helps all of us who accidently keep pressing things on our smartphones. With apple devices, when playing a song in your iPhone's Music app, it used to be dangerous to back your way out through the menu buttons. Going from "Now Playing" to "Artists" often led users to accidentally tap the "Store" button, leading iTunes to pop up. Virtual Reflections - The virtual reflections Apple added to the knobs on brightness and volume sliders certainly added some hidden flair to their devices. They were made to look more three dimensional. How is this achieved without 3D glasses? Fingerprint Scanner for Wet Fingers - The latest craze in phone development, the fingerprint scanner is taking the tech world by storm. Now most new models have one but while other companies, like Samsung with their Galaxy have just included these to their phones, Apple is one step ahead and now there is a feature for wet fingerprint recognition. Apple Stores - Apple has gone far beyond just perfecting their products. Apple stores have been noticed to be in perfect alignment with everything inside and outside of them. The Logo Cut in Half - Even though Apple’s success is skyrocketing regardless of their founder’s death, Apple employees are still taking time to commemorate Steve Jobs in any possible way.


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