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The Perfectly Bizarre World Of Gramfel

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The Perfectly Bizarre World Of Gramfel

Just when you thought the deconstruction of Jim Davis' classic comic strip Garfield was complete a new and infinitely more bizarre strip comes along and makes Garfield look as square as a litter box - Gramfel.

Gramfel is a cat, Gramfel is a being with strange powers, Gramfel is a comic strip seemingly created by someone who read Garfield comics while on an extremely powerful hallucinogen.

The hallucinatory artist behind Gramfel is named John Cullen, and he has a very interesting brain that comes up with some super interesting stuff, which he still manages to make relevant for Monday haters like me.

After visiting Gramfel and Jon no a few times your brain may start to feel like it's full of hairballs- this is a normal reaction to the radical concepts and philosophies presented by Gramfel and will not do any lasting damage.

I've read over twelve Gramfel strips and after a few aspirin and a tissue for my nosebleed I feel fine! *wink*

-Via CollegeHumor


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