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NuAns Officially Drops Windows 10 Mobile For Android

2017-2-21 02:30 TechWindows 57 0 0
NuAns Officially Drops Windows 10 Mobile For Android

We have known for a while now that NuAns had been working on a Windows 10 Mobile handset, but things took a turn here as the market share of Microsoft’s mobile OS took a nosedive.

In recent months, it has been hovering around the 0.3% mark.

In the meantime, the handset maker had been working on Neo, its newest Windows phone that it had been building up hype for. However, last week it emerged that the company was planning to use Android on this device, instead of Windows 10Mobile.

And today, the company has officially confirmed this, announcing the new device, and opening preorders.

The Neo Reloaded comes with a slightly larger, higher resolution display than the original, along with an upgraded processor in the form of Snapdragon 625. Operating system, then, for this upcoming smartphone is Android 7.1.

It is also available with a wide range of rear covers, which the company calls Twotone.

These allow users the ability to customize the design of their handsets using various combinations of colors and material — from denim to leather, and stone to wood.

Ultimately, this decision from NuAns to give up on Windows 10 Mobile in favor of Android is not exactly surprising. It launched the original Windows based model only in Japan, but went the crowdfunding route for its successor.

The Kickstarter failed to gain any traction, and with fewer than 500 backers worldwide, only managed to achieve just 20% of its funding goal in August.

The ditch was always on the cards.

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