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Nerdy Child Stars Who Matured Too Quickly

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If there is one type of character that we are amused and in awe with, it’s those smarty pants that aren’t the most popular kids in school: Nerds. Every kid-related movie and television show seems to have them. They usually play the sidekick to the main character and are used as a plot device to create understanding and to teach a lesson. Nerds are also that character that make us feel more accepted and a part of the world around us. Meaning it is okay to be a nerd and to live life the way that you want to. Yeah, there may be bullies who try to strike you down, but that doesn’t mean that you stop doing you. However, once a child star is cast as a nerd, it can be hard to shake that persona and the kid ends up only getting work as a nerd. How do they shake that image? Sometimes, it takes a bit of maturity and maybe even a scandal or two to be taken seriously.

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