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James Bay Debuts a New Sound (and a New Haircut!) with Latest Single ‘Wild Love’

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James Bay Debuts a New Sound (and a New Haircut!) with Latest Single ‘Wild Love’

James Bay is back!

The English rocker dropped his new track “Wild Love — the first single off his forthcoming sophomore album — on Thursday.

“‘Wild Love’ is about the experience of falling for someone,” the “Hold Back the River” singer, 27, said in a statement. “Whether that’s the person you can’t keep your eyes off across the room, or in my experience, the person you don’t stop thinking about wherever you are in the world.”

Bay rose to prominence in 2015 after the release of his Grammy-nominated debut studio album, Chaos and the Calm. He even joined Taylor Swift on a leg of her 1989 tour, later telling PEOPLE he was excited “to see what it’s like to stand in a room of that size and play my songs to that amount of people.”


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The British singer-songwriter has revealed his upcoming LP was inspired by a range of musicians, from David Bowie to Chance the Rapper. He revealed that this new album was a transformation since he has grown as an artist.

“I think my new music helps to paint a fuller picture of who I am,” Bay added in the statement. “As soon as I recognized I was being pinned down as ‘the intimate acoustic guitar guy’ I realized I knew I had to push myself musically. I want it as part of my arsenal, but I don’t want that solely to define me. I’m not there yet, but hope that this new music can do for singer-songwriter, loosely, what Drake and Chance The Rapper are doing for their genre: tearing up the rule book.”

Bay’s sonic influences haven’t been his only switch-up recently: The star also cut his trademark long locks and ditched his fedora, which he in 2015 referred to as his good luck charm, telling PEOPLE at the time: “I like to think the hat’s what got me the nominations.”

The BRIT Award-winning singer will kick of his North American tour on March 25.


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