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Insider Community Blog Launched, Will Provide Windows 10 Insights

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Insider Community Blog Launched, Will Provide Windows 10 Insights

Let’s start 2017 with some positive news. Positive news for Microsoft fans that want deeper insights into how Windows 10 is developed as well as a bit more transparency into the whole deal.

Well, Microsoft aims to deliver!

The software titan has launched a new Insider community blog under its #Insiders4Good initiative that will make it more than just about getting early access to new builds.

Obviously, those of you involved with all this may recall that Redmond launched the #WINsiders4Good initiative in 2016 with the aim of not only improving Windows 10 but also bringing people together to help solve wider problems using its software technologies.

Recognizing that such efforts go beyond just Windows 10, the campaign has been renamed, and the company has also launched a new blog — a home for the Windows Insider community itself.

As Dona Sarkar explained, the blog is a way for us to talk to Insiders,  and for them to talk to each other, while also engaging the outside world about the various passions and challenges. Essentially a first step in allowing Insiders to better communicate and collaborate, with more coming.

The blog already has guest posts from some Insiders and Fellows, actually.

So, where does that leave the existing channels, like the main Windows Blog, for instance?

As Dona elaborated, the #Insiders4Good blog will focus more on the community and project aspects of the Insider Program, but Microsoft will still use the official Windows Blog to keep Insiders informed on new builds and other developers, as well as insights into the program:

“Many of you want to feel closer to the engineering team and want more transparency into how we work. We love that and want to work even closer with you this year. We’ll work to give you more insight into what the team is doing, how engineering decisions are made, what issues we’re prioritizing each week, how we can improve our processes/tools and much more “behind the scenes” things. This will all start next week when everyone is back in the office on the standard Windows channels you know and love.”


Some neat steps undertaken by the company to help facilitate the successful and ever growing Windows Insider Program, which now has millions of people under its umbrella — 7 million worldwide.

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