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Free Climbing Raccoon Captures Hearts and Minds Scaling Minnesota Skyscraper

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Free Climbing Raccoon Captures Hearts and Minds Scaling Minnesota Skyscraper

Inspiration can strike from the most unlikely of places, and on Tuesday it was found in the form of a small, determined mammal on an improbable upward adventure.

Internet-addicts among us may now have heard of #MPRraccoon, the creature seen climbing up the side of a 25-storey tower in St. Paul, Minnesota. After a nail-biting drama that lasted about 20 hours, the raccoon reportedly reached the building’s rooftop early Wednesday.

The #mprraccoon just made it to the roof! Video courtesy @DPet_KARE11News pic.twitter.com/Wb5xPsANZh

— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 13, 2018

The raccoon was originally stranded on a different nearby building Monday before escaping to a nearby roof and starting its unlikely ascent, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reports. Early rescue efforts by the St. Paul Fire Department and building workers, who fashioned a makeshift ladder, proved unsuccessful.

Late Tuesday night, the raccoon began to slowly descend to the seventeenth floor, according to a reporter for MPR. The animal’s growing network of virtual cheerleaders watched in suspense as it crept onward toward an uncertain fate.

Its travails captivated social media users. Before long, a Twitter account for the climbing critter was created, and an Internet star was born.

I made a big mistake. #mprraccoon

— The MPR Raccoon (@TheStPaulRacco1) June 12, 2018

The saga struck a chord, inspiring both art and introspection.

Perry Wright has this take on the #mprraccoon. It would be Best. Tote. Bag. Ever. pic.twitter.com/2SL0hqiNMF

— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 13, 2018

The #mprraccoon is the perfect 2018 metaphor. pic.twitter.com/rsgKwyPlHg

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) June 12, 2018

Haven't we all taken a wrong turn in life at least once. #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/LqLgVog4zI

— Anna B (@ItsASwellLife) June 13, 2018

Nevertheless, it persisted. #mprraccoon pic.twitter.com/wjPTbn7ZVS

— Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) June 13, 2018

Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight #MPRraccoon

— Erin Maye Quade (@ErinMayeQuade) June 13, 2018

I have a 7 am work flight to catch but obviously if the raccoon isn’t rescued by then, I’ll just get another job. #mprraccoon

— Matt Ritter (@mattritter1) June 13, 2018

Idk what a “UBS” is but if they don’t save this #mprraccoon, I will never ever forgive them.

— Kara Lynum (@karalynum) June 12, 2018

Here’s to all your future adventures, MPRraccoon. For everyone’s sake, please stay safe.


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