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COOLEST Things About Ice Cream

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You Won't BELIEVE these incredible and strange facts about the world's favorite dessert ! From weird flavors; to the most unbelievable and odd ingredients; these are the COOLEST Things About ICE CREAM !

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7. Rolled Ice Cream
Then we come to one of the newest trends: rolled ice cream. Also known as stir-fried ice cream, seeing what regularly comes in round scoops as looking like rolled pieces of paper instead might seem odd, but the public seems to be taken with it. Rolled ice cream started in Thailand in 2009 but would not reach popularity until 2012. This trend would then spread to the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Cambodia and then worldwide by 2015. A mixture of milk and flavors get poured onto a pan with a temperature that reads between -18 to -35 degrees Celsius, solidifying the ice cream. The result has sometimes been said to be dryer than regular ice cream, but it has retained its popularity anyhow.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
IT’s weird to think that chocolate chip cookie dough couldn’t be bought from stores until the 90s, but it’s the truth. The first company to sell the flavor of unbaked cookies was Ben and Jerry’s, who first put it out there for the public in 1991. It all started on their flavor suggestion board from an anonymous person and would turn into a classic flavor.

5. Mashed Potatoes Or Ice Cream?
We’re not sure how to feel about this one. Apparently, photographers may use mashed potatoes--modified mashed potatoes--in place of real ice cream when having to take pictures for advertisements. Spending all that time trying to capture the perfect photo means you need something that’s going to last and well--ice cream melts. And it’s not exactly comfortable to sit in a room working while it has to be freezing for the ice cream to stay in place. So photographers look scoops of mashed potatoes to look like the real thing--complete with food coloring.

4. Only For The Elite
We already talked about how flavors like vanilla were considered exotic. But back then, ice cream in general was a rich people thing. The history of ice cream goes back a long time and in a bunch of different directions. Historical figures such as Catherine de Medici and the first United States presidents were fond of ice cream. In Italy, ice cream was served in the royal houses, a practice that was picked up in other European countries--even mentioned being served at a feast for King Charles II of England. And it wasn’t until the late 1800s did the rest of the people below the status of the elite get more access to cheaper ice cream.

3. Charcoal Ice Cream
To be clear, it’s actually called almond charcoal ice cream, in case you were afraid it would taste just like charcoal. But still. Lately, one of the trendiest ice creams on Instagram includes the almond charcoal ice cream, also referred to as “goth ice cream” for its all black color, often served in a matching black waffle cone. Places like Little Damage ice cream shop in Los Angeles serve this new flavor. And let’s be honest, it looks photogenic. The ingredients include activated charcoal, which doesn’t sound appetizing, but apparently it tastes delicious.

2. Early Ice Cream Recipes
Anyone who had to make ice cream in school, you know the most basic ice cream takes some milk, half and half, vanilla flavoring, sugar, and a bunch of ice. But back then, it wasn’t so simple. Take a recipe made by Lady Anne Fanshawe--an English memoirist. She published a recipe around the 1660s. In it, the ingredients included typical stuff like sugar, and boiled cream. But it also needed something called “ambergris” and for those who don’t know, that’s whale vomit. So just be happy that ice cream now for the basic ingredients in your ice cream now.

Ice Cream Origins
No one really know who exactly came up with ice cream first. Emperor Nero of Rome supposedly would send people to fetch snow so that he could mix it with fruit and honey. Some say that It came from China, where they mixed rice and milk with snow as a dessert--a dish brought over by Marco Polo. This has been the more accepted history, with historians saying ice cream was first eaten around 618 to 97 AD in China. Either way, the world still has ice cream to this day.


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