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Apple’s HomeKit is still working on the basics

2017-1-6 04:30 TechApple 30 0 0
Apple’s HomeKit is still working on the basics

Apple never shows up to CES, but the last couple years, it’s still managed to have a quiet presence through HomeKit. That’s true this year, too, but it’s been really quiet, failing to drum up anywhere near the excitement of something like Amazon’s Alexa.

HomeKit is Apple’s platform for letting all kinds of third-party smart home gadgets — from security cameras to ceiling fans — talk to each other through your iOS devices. It’s done a great job of making the experience of installing and using these gadgets really easy, but it’s been limited by a lack of variety when it comes to what you can buy.

CES is where that tends to change, as companies building HomeKit gadgets turn up to show off their newest products. This year, there are more...

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