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Adele REFUSES Album of the Year Award at 2017 Grammys, Makes Beyonce CRY w/ Sweet Acceptance Speech

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Adele was the talk of the Grammys tonight for several reasons – First, she botched her George Michael tribute, then she took home 5 Grammy awards! But most notably she fangirled HARD over Beyoncé - and even did the unthinkable!

Guys, maybe Adele has just one too many Grammy awards or something because she flat out REFUSED to take home the biggest award of the night: Album of the Year. When a tearful Adele took the stage to accept the top honor, she was overcome with emotion! The 28-year-old singer spoke about becoming a mother, and her big return to music during her speech.

But then, in a move that shocked literally everyone, Adele shifted gears and REFUSED to accept the award - She thought another artist was more worthy. Beyonce, along with the rest of us were completely stunned… She just stood there crying. And Adele wasn’t lying one bit when she said Beyoncé was the artist of her life.

The singer mentioned Queen Bey another one of her speeches tonight - when she won Record of the Year.

That’s amazing, but now we really REALLY want to know if she actually gave her Grammy to Beyonce!! What do you make of Adele refusing her Grammy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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