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94 Drake Lyrics From "More Life" That Were Made For Your Instagram

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94 Drake Lyrics From "More Life" That Were Made For Your Instagram

Island vibes Drake and old voicemail Drake? Your fave could never.

Young Money Entertainment

1. I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that. – “Gyalchester”

2. Never chase it, let it come to you. – “Jorja Interlude”

3. You better watch out for me, I’m bound to glow. – “Glow”

4. Winning is problematic. People like you more when you working towards something, not when you have it. – “Lose You”

5. Worried ‘bout taking my lane, they ain’t even got on my road. – “Jorja Interlude”

6. My whole team winning, we don’t play your game. – “Skepta Interlude”

7. They want me gone, wait for the kicker. Bury me now and I only get bigger. – “Gyalchester”

8. Like Martin Luther, man, I had a dream. – “Skepta Interlude”

9. Your boy all glowed up. Every time we touch down bet it go up. – “Glow”

10. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race. – “Sacrifices”

11. I’m in it for the glory, not the honour mention. – “Lose You”

12. Fuck being rich when I’m forty man, I’m tryna make it now. – “Portland”

13. Got the Austin Powers, a man’s extra groovy. – “Skepta Interlude”

14. Went and got diplomas, and we still going dumb. – “Lose You”

15. Taking shots, feeling bulletproof. – “Portland”

16. I know I deserve more, I just never said it. Two middle fingers as I make an exit. – “Lose You”

17. I went off in the ’16, give me ’17. – “Can't Have Everything”

Young Money Entertainment

18. Watch how you speak on my name, you know? – “Free Smoke”

19. Fake fuck with me back then but it’s getting hard for you to fake it now. – “Portland”

20. My heart is way too frozen to get broken. – “Madiba Riddim”

21. They don’t know they got to be faster than me to get to me. No one’s done it successfully. – “Do Not Disturb”

22. Don’t switch on me, I got big plans. – “Blem”

23. Love is just not in my plans, not even taking a chance. – “Kmt”

24. Voodoo spells on my life. It won’t work, they have all tried. – “Madiba Riddim”

25. I’m blem for real, I might just say how I feel. – “Blem”

26. You come with beef, I eat the beat. – “Sacrifices”

27. Move from me when you’re extra, move from me with the passa. – “Blem”

28. Take this shit to heart, it’s always executed perfectly. – “Do Not Disturb”

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