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34 Healthy Swaps To Help You Lose Weight Fast

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34 Healthy Swaps To Help You Lose Weight Fast

Start living your best life ASAP.

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2. Eliminate unnecessary carbs by ditching the bagel and spreading cream cheese on two pieces of cardboard.

3. When you make BLTs, use beansprouts instead of bacon.

4. Instead of going to happy hour, clean the grout in your bathroom tiles.

5. Whenever you have the urge to smoke a cigarette do hot yoga instead.

6. One alternative to drinking sugary cocktails is to work on your taxes.

7. When you're at all-night parties and desert raves, sip green tea in place of doing recreational drugs.

8. Eat more mindfully by using a single chopstick instead of a fork.

9. When you make nachos, get that crunch with celery instead of tortilla chips.

11. Buy whole wheat pasta. When you have a carb craving, dig the pointed end of an uncooked noodle into your palm until the craving passes.

12. When you order pizza, ask for double the sauce, half the cheese, and zero bread.

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14. Instead of eating five to six small meals and working out once per day, eat one small meal and work out five to six times per day.

15. Fill up half your plate with veggies. Leave the other half empty.

16. Practice portion control by eating exclusively out of thimbles.

17. Skype in to happy hours, weddings, brunches, and any other food-centric get togethers.

18. Sub skim milk in milkshakes (in place of whole milk, ice cream, and chocolate syrup).

19. Instead of driving everywhere, put your car in neutral and push it to your destination.

20. Instead of ordering delivery, clean the grout in your bathroom tiles.

21. You're more likely to eat junk food when it's in the house. Burn down your house.

22. Start calling carrots "candy bars." When you get a mid-afternoon sugar craving, indulge in a candy bar.

23. Make a "banana split" with celery instead of a banana, two scoops of fat-free cottage cheese, and "sprinkles" (peas, carrots, diced red pepper).

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