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27 Times They Had To Do The Job Again

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From a product being mislabeled to a carpenter absolutely failing at the most important job, here are 27 Times They Had To Do The Job Again.

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#10 - Clearly Labeled
If something, like a product package, is clearly labeled, and you mess that up some way, you are probably an idiot. These people had one job, the parts were even clearly labeled, even so, they failed.

#9 - The Job Is Not Well Done
No matter how much this fortune tries convincing me, I know that this is not a job well done.

#8 - Can You Add Extra Cheese
If you ever ask for extra anything at a fast food restaurant, don’t be surprised if there is something wrong with your food when you get it. The person from this picture ordered their burger and asked the employee to make sure that there was cheese. The employee obliged and made sure the customer could see they got what they asked for.

#7 - A Plumbing Problem
This plumber had one job. And thanks to his mishap, the next person trying to relieve themselves is going to had a cold fright when they fall into the toilet bowl itself. Gross.

#6 - A Mark Of Laziness
Not only did this person not even bother actually dumping the candies in the machine, but they were evil enough to try and mix Skittles and M&Ms.

#5 - The Defining Moment
You can absolutely tell the moment that this person realized this wasn’t going to work out the way it was supposed to. You have to give them some credit; they did try to make it to the sidewalk on the other side.

#4 - Where Can I Park?
In some areas, it’s already hard enough to find a parking spot anywhere close to the entrance. In this case, however, they’ll need to come back and fix this before anyone can park anywhere. Perhaps this time they should hire a different crew since these guys didn’t work out too well the first time around.

#3 - An Epic Heat Wave
I don’t know what they are doing over there at this weather station, but one thing I do know is that I’m not going anywhere outside on Wednesday. 700-degrees is too hot for me.

#2 - Why?
Why in the world would someone go through this much effort to make sure that the corner of this concrete slab matched up with the yellow part and then put the whole thing together like this. It’s like winning the lottery and burning all of the money.

#1 - To Be A Carpenter
To be fair, it is a lot of work to be a carpenter. However, one of the jobs, really one of the most important ones, is that when you build a house, you build it right side up. There may be a book series that talks about a sideways school, but that isn’t a type of building you would want to live in. Plus, with this house, you’re going to make all of your guests sick like they were in a fun house, which probably won’t make them want to come back.


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