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Two Actresses Say They Want To Star In ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ But Sorry, It Ain’t Happening

One of the most common, and frankly annoying, trends in entertainment reporting is the silly question that reporters ask actors about who they’d like to play in [Insert Relevant Franchise]? Then the headline reads “[Insert hot up-and-comer] Wants To Play [Fan-Favorite Character] In [Your...


Jonathan Nolan Says His Brother Chris Turned Down Song Idea He Had For One Of The ‘Batman’ Trailers

Jonathan Nolan’s career in the entertainment industry has been almost always linked to his brother, Christopher. However, in recent years, Jonathan has stepped out of the very large shadow of his filmmaking brother and found success on TV. Starting as a creator, writer, producer on CBS’...


Wes Anderson’s Next Film Will Be Set In Post-WWII France

Wes Anderson films are truly a genre all their own. His filmography is full of wildly eclectic, and yes, whimsical films that range from stop-motion animated films like “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Isle of Dogs” to eccentric family dramas like “The Royal Tenenbaums.”...


15 Video Games Coming Out This Year (And 10 Coming In 2019)

The world of video games is one that is consistently changing, with developers battling one another to get ahead and bring out the next big title that will get everybody talking.In the coming months and years, there are plenty of exciting releases set to come - some of which has been in th...


Thanos Is The Greatest Villain In New Infinity War Featurette

Marvel Studios releases a new Avengers: Infinity War video featuring all things Thanos. With all of the MCU's successes over its 10-year history, several of their films are plagued with similar problems, one of which is the introduction of underdeveloped and forgettable antagonists. So it was a bold...


‘What Men Want’ Trailer: Taraji P. Henson Hears Men Think About Sex, Farting, And…Toast?

You probably remember Mel Gibson’s horribly-dated film “What Women Want.” The film followed a male chauvinist ad executive who somehow, through a bit of hijinks, gains the ability to read women’s minds. Obviously, almost 20 years later, the film is a bit problematic, not just...


‘Get Out’s’ Jordan Peele Says His Success Stems From “A Lack Of Imagination In Hollywood”

In a little over a year, comedian-turned-filmmaker Jordan Peele has gone from “That guy from ‘Key & Peele” to an Oscar-winning writer who is becoming one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood. And he did it all thanks to his breakout success “Get Out,” which...


Natalie Portman’s Musical ‘Vox Lux’ Headlines First Looks At Upcoming Venice Films

This year’s Venice Film Festival might have the most stacked lineup ever seen at an event like this. With huge filmmaking names like the Coen Brothers, Alfonso Cuaron, Luca Guadagnino, and even Orson Welles, Venice looks to be the fall festival that will feature some of the biggest awards cont...


Disney Debuts the First Look at Niki Caro's Live-Action 'Mulan'

Meet Disney’s live-action Mulan in the first photo from the Niki Caro movie. Continue reading…


Highlighting The Silent Close-Ups In The Films Of Denis Villeneuve

One of the profound stylistic elements of a Denis Villeneuve vehicle is the camerawork. Over his career, Villeneuve has worked with cinematographers Bradford Young, Andre Turpin, and recent Oscar-winner Roger Deakins, to capture grand vistas and explore the vast landscapes a...

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