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Microsoft Updates Office for Android Preview Ahead of Public Launch 

Microsoft has just released an update for Office on Android as part of the Office Insider program, ahead of the public launch that's projected to take place later this month.  This time, the release doesn't bring as many dramatic updates as the previous versions, but it's still worth a look for...


The Most Affordable Microsoft Surface Now Costs Just $299

If you're looking for a very cheap Microsoft Surface, but don't want to spend a fortune on the brand new Surface Pro or the Surface Laptop, the Microsoft Store is the perfect place to look because the company is offering stunning prices for its devices every once in a while.  Right now, for exa...


Top Microsoft Surface Laptop to Arrive at Your Door Sooner

The Surface Laptop is one exciting product that’s already available for pre-order, but those who wanted the top-of-the-range configuration originally had to wait until August 15 to get it. Fortunately, it looks like Microsoft is doing a good job aligning production with demand, so the most pow...

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