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Android Distribution Updated for July: Oreo Surges to 12.1%!

Google has become somewhat erratic in updating its Android distribution numbers after updating them monthly for years. They’ve skipped a number of months this year, including June, but are back for July with fresh percentages. That month off has meant big things for Android Oreo, which jumped...


Pixelbook 2 Said to Release Before Year’s End

According to @evleaks, Google has a 2nd-generation Pixelbook coming, said to be released by the end of this year. The original Pixelbook launched only last year in early October. The new one, described in Evan’s tweet, will feature smaller bezels, but that is the only detail provided. It...


Galaxy Watch in Rose Gold and 42mm Case Makes Appearance at Samsung’s Site

We’ve been tracking the sh*t out of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch in recent weeks. We found the first, smaller version at the FCC in both WiFi and LTE models before also spotting the larger version with LTE at the end of last week. Today, thanks to a slip-up from Samsung, we are gettin...


Magnetic beetles and smart speakers? What on Earth is Samsung ‘Magbee’?

Samsung trademark filing emerges for “Magbee” name. The trademark covers a whole host of products, including potentially Samsung’s upcoming Bixby smart speaker. Bizarrely, a Magbee logo and evidence of a “magnetic beetle” speaker dial has also come to light. Samsung h...


The Pixel 3 needs an updated Google Camera app

If you’ve ever read about the Pixel 2, you probably already know the smartphone’s camera is great. Google’s camera app is a big part of what makes it so great, handling most of the photo processing work. It does a great job making pictures look great, but its features lag well beh...


Samsung just accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch in Rose Gold

A listing on the Samsung website seems to have confirmed the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. Although the listing is gone now, we have a screenshot that shows an image, the name, and a model number. The Galaxy Watch is likely to launch on August 9. Earlier today, CNET got a tip from a Twitter user that...


Qualcomm Delivers Breakthrough in 5G mmW Chip for Phones

Even though US wireless carriers want to launch 5G networks as soon as this year, companies like Qualcomm still need to get supported chips ready for devices to be able to take advantage of them. Like with 4G LTE, one of the biggest struggles early on has been creating something that is small enough...


Google tried to settle the EU’s Android antitrust probe last year

Wikimedia The European Commission just fined Google $5 billion for alleged antitrust issues within Android. However, it was revealed today that Google attempted at least once to settle the fine before it dropped. The settlement was rejected by the EU for being too little too late. Last week,...


Like it or not, Quick Reply is probably coming to Chrome notifications

Browser-based Chrome notifications are likely going to receive Quick Reply in the near future. The testing phase for Quick Reply Chrome notifications is happening now in the Chromium Gerrit. It will be a while before we’re likely to see this new feature, but it’s probably inevitable. B...


Ghostbusters World is coming 2018 and it’s basically Pokémon Ghosts

Sony Pictures has shown off its upcoming Ghostbusters mobile game at Comic-Con. Titled Ghostbusters World, the new game will see players try to capture ghosts out in the real world, similar to Pokémon Go. It will feature 150 ghosts, a story mode, a PvP mode, and 3D buildings on its live m...

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