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'Christopher Robin' release denied in China, possibly because Pooh looks like Xi Jinping

Winnie the Pooh may be a lovable star of the big screen, but that's not stopping China from being petty as hell. China's film authorities have denied a release to the new live action Winnie the Pooh movie, Christopher Robin, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While China does not release the offic...


Trump lashed out at LeBron James and Don Lemon. Social media called it racist.

LeBron James is one of the greatest pro basketball players in history. He's also using his tremendous success and wealth to help at-risk children in his hometown. And yet, in Donald Trump's eyes, he's "dumb." Trump resorted to childish name-calling in a Friday evening tweet in which he slammed the i...


'Time Well Spent' features are the Marlboro Lights of the tech industry

Big Tech likes to disrupt. But when it comes to papering over the problems it's created, it's happy taking a page out of a well-worn corporate playbook. Over the last month, Google, Apple, and, most recently, Facebook and Instagram, have all unveiled features intended to give people a better underst...


Apple is reportedly doing away with free headphone jack dongles

It looks like iPhone users will soon live in a dongle-less future. Or, at least a future in which audio jack dongles are no longer free. A Barclays research note viewed by MacRumors says that the new 2018 iPhones will no longer come with the lightning port-to-headphone jack adapter. The maker of the...


Oppo's Find X is the notch-free, all-display phone of your dreams

Oppo Find X $1,165 (€999) View Product The Good Highest screen-to-body ratio on any phone to date • Futuristic sliding camera module • Super fast face recognition • High-quality metal and glass body • Long battery life The Bad Not available in the U.S. • D...


Build a gorgeous website in minutes with Visualmodo for under $30

Visualmodo is like beginning your website from third base -- you’re practically home when you jump in. Check out their offerings featuring dozens of website motifs with the Visualmodo WordPress Themes Mega Bundle at a huge savings — just $29.99 from TNW Deals.


Instagram just made it way too easy to accidentally unfollow someone

Instagram used to have a safeguard in place to make sure you really, truly wanted to stop following someone on its mobile app.  If you clicked on the "unfollow" button (it looks like the top half of a person with a check mark next to it) intentionally or accidentally, it would ask if you were s...


Guy posts hilarious maternity shoot photos for national girlfriend day

This isn't your typical maternity shoot.  Carlos Moreno posted a series of sweet photos from maternity shoot for the National Girlfriend Day on Wednesday. The photos feature his girlfriend, Ari, wearing a stunning black gown and smiling at her baby bump.  It's pretty cute.  #National...


Protester mocks Melania Trump's 'I Really Don't Care' jacket at court appearance

The woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty has a statement for Melania Trump: she really cares.  Patricia Okoumou scaled Lady Liberty a month ago to protest Donald Trump's immigration policy of family separation. During the three-hour standoff with police officers, she said she wouldn't come d...


Facebook is testing its very own dating app

Yes, Facebook Dating is a real thing. And we may have just received a sneak peek.  Jane Manchun Wong — an app researcher who's spotted Facebook features in the past, like Talent Show — posted photos from what she claims is an internal test of Facebook Dating.  Facebook is inte...

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