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The Coolest Laptop You've Never Heard Of...

The Eve V 2-in-1 laptop competes directly with the Microsoft Surface 2017. The Eve 2-in1 raised 1.5 million on Indiegogo labeled the World's first crowd developed laptop. So, can the Eve V beat the Microsoft Surface in terms of overall laptop value? _________________________________________ WATCH...


Jack Black | This Week on GMM

This week on GMM, Jack Black helps us update some Christmas songs, we take our clothes off with the Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar, shake our Christmas Booties, add gravy to everything, and more! Pick up all of the official GMM merch only at https://mythical.store Follow Rhett & Link: Instagram:...


The Ultimate Dolan XMAS Giveaway

Comment below with your "weirdest fact", we'll message you back to let you know you won! Use the keyword "MATE" if you're based in Australia. Purchase links down below! --- PHYSICAL COPY LINKS --- International: https://www.dymocks.com.au/book/danger-dolan-countdown-by-danger-dolan-9781925481310/#....


An Interstellar Asteroid Just Flew Past Earth, Here’s What You Need to Know

In October, astronomers observed an interstellar asteroid for the first time. We talked to one of the first to study it, and here’s everything they’ve learned in the months since. What’s Happening in Space? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XDS_aTVBrE&list=PL6uC-XGZC7X5q7Mibs4VifsPO6kt8XZ0V Thum...


There’s No Such Thing As ‘Earthquake Weather’...Right?

The idea of earthquake weather has floated around since the ancient Greeks. So can weather actually influence earthquakes? Special thanks to Toyota for supporting Seeker - check out the all new Toyota C-Hr here: https://www.toyota.com/c-hr/ Is Happiness Actually Contagious? https://www.youtube.com...


11 Cool Life Hacks

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZT7lHkvy7KkN3C6TWZ7TQ Subscribe to Aredrine !!


Car Crash very Shock dash camera 2017 NEW★★★★★ By Top Speed Motor 270

Hello friends! I want to recommend a good resource. USA-localized site. http://bit.ly/2j4KCCE German-localized site. http://bit.ly/2AHZ3aH Chinese-localized site. http://bit.ly/2o6t52e Arabic-localized site. http://bit.ly/2j3k18Q Best, Olga Bashchuk Thank you for your donations! https://ww...


Awesome Hoop Diving | Top 25 of 2017

Quentin Greco takes the expression “jumping through hoops” literally with his awesome hoop diving acrobatic skills! Acrobatic hoop diving is all about precise jumps and flips through small hoops, and Quentin displays his skills with ease! With hoop filips, hoop jumps, and even a few wipeouts along t...


A Christmas Miracle!: Fails You Missed #21 (December 2017) | FailArmy

Miss any fails this week? We've got you covered! We've got a few Christmas tree fails, crazy Russian dash-cam drivers, and paddle board fails. Give your favorite a shout out in the comments. If you have a video of your own, submit it at www.failarmy.com! ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/fasu...

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