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How to Quickly Disable Fingerprints & Smart Lock in Android Pie for Extra Security

Following in iOS 11's footsteps, Android 9.0 Pie will include a security feature that lets you immediately disable the fingerprint scanner as well as extended Smart Lock features. After initiating the feature, you will be required to insert your PIN, pattern, or password before any other unlock met...

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A Timeline of Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Displays from 2009 to Present

The reveal of Magic Leap One: Creator Edition brought with it some insight into the path the device took from prototype to "final" design. By comparing notes with the Rolling Stone article on Magic Leap with other reports on comparable milestones, we get a clearer picture of where the leaders in t...

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How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing in Android Pie to Curb Your Smartphone Usage

Is your smartphone taking over your life? Do you need help putting your Pixel down at night? Well, update to Android Pie! Android 9.0 comes with Digital Wellbeing, a new tool to both help you understand your smartphone habits and perhaps step away from the apps, games, and notifications every now a...

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New Magic Leap Videos Show Off Launch Apps 'Create' & 'Tónandi' in Action

Now that the cat's out of the bag, Magic Leap has published videos of a pair of apps that will be available to Magic Leap One early adopters. Alongside the core apps, Magic Leap will make Create and Tónandi, developed in-house with early-access partners, available at launch. One of the vid...

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Magic Leap One Finally Makes the Jump from Fantasy to Reality, Pre-Orders Open for $2,295

The day has finally come. About eight months after unveiling Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, on Wednesday, Magic Leap made the device available for order through a reservation page on its website. The package includes the Lightwear headset, Lightpack wearable computer, and the Control handheld co...

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Hacking macOS: How to Perform Privilege Escalation, Part 1 (File Permissions Abuse)

In most macOS hacks, a non-root terminal is used to create a backdoor into the device. A lot of damage can be done as a low-privileged user, but it has its limitations. Think twice before granting a file permission to execute — an attacker might be able to convert your harmless scripts into p...

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How to Get Digital Wellbeing in Android 9.0 Pie on Your Pixel Right Now

With the release of Android 9.0 Pie, Google's focusing on digital health. Digital Wellbeing is a new set of features designed to help you curb your own smartphone addiction. Starting now, the beta version is available, and Google's looking for testers. Although Android 9.0 Pie is officially availa...

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25 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Install iOS 12 Beta on Your iPhone

This year's big iPhone update, iOS 12, aims to solve many of the issues that arose during iOS 11's controversial, buggy tenure. With that in mind, it may be tempting to jump on board the new software immediately and leave iOS 11 in the dust for good. Here are some reasons why you might want to reco...

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Mercedes-Benz Shifts to HoloLens for Employee Training

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing list of automakers adopting augmented reality to provide an assist to its manufacturing operations, in this case, via the Microsoft HoloLens. The company employs more than 100 HoloLens devices in its Mercedes-Benz Global Training program, where...

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Nexus Phones Are Finally Dead

It's a sad day for one of the most beloved series of Android phones. For the first time since 2009, there's a new version of Android, but it's not being made available to Google's own Nexus devices. Android 9.0 Pie was released on August 6, 2018, but the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, Google's most recent...

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