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The Most Hilariously Dark Instagram Account Ever

When you feel a season of dark existentialism approaching, this is the Instagram account that will sustain you. Created by poet and artist April Eileen Henry, it is full of dark humor and the bleakest view of reality.


Twitter Answers Things Everyone Misunderstands About Their Job

Feel like you could be a doctor after watching a few seasons of Grey's Anatomy? Think again. Submitted by: Tagged: trees , archeology , jobs , medicine , work , mistakes , misunderstanding , cement , journalism Share on Facebook


18 Guys Share Obvious Hints From Girls That Ended Up NOT Being Hints At All

This list is filled to the brim with cringeworthy mixed signals!  Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , cringe , Awkward , askreddit , relationships , ridiculous , dating Share on Facebook


28 Presentation Fails and Wins That Make You Wonder If These People Graduated

These students made some pretty bold moves when it came to powerpoint.Quick tip: always remember to close any unsavory browsers you had open before a presentation. Submitted by: Tagged: error , school , FAIL , presentation , learning , embarrassing , powerpoint , funny , college Share on...


Woman Texts Boss That Her Son's On Life Support And Gets Completely Insensitive Responses

The manager ends up getting herself fired for this insane, emotionally vacant ignorance.  Submitted by: Tagged: boss , hospital , immoral , coworkers , life support , conversation , texting Share on Facebook


The Rock Tweets Spicy Clap Back At Guy For Trash Talking Jumanji Sequel

The Rock had to step in and squash this Twitter beef ASAP.  Submitted by: Tagged: clap back , twitter , Dwayne Johnson , spicy , the rock Share on Facebook


20 Funny Photos Proving That Life With A Dog Is Way Weirder Than You Think

Many dog owners will tell you that their dogs relieve the pent up stress they have in their daily lives, but what they don’t tell you often enough is how these dogs could be hilariously weird too. Our beloved pets can somehow bring a smile to your face even when they cause some troubles. Altho...


Russian Artist Photoshops Cats Into Food, And The Results Are Purrfect

If you live online like we do, you have probably noticed that there are basically two things ruling the web right now, cats and food. Being passioned about both of them, Russian artist Ksenia last January decided to create an Instagram account to express the best of these two worlds, and this is how...

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