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30 People That Really Should Not Have Been Allowed to Cut Their Own Hair

These people probably should have constant supervision from a guardian... Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , haircut Share on Facebook


No Returns

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Engineer Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorist In Facebook Comments Section

He brought his misguided friend back down to earth/reality, real quick.  Submitted by: Tagged: moon , shut down , cringe , facebook , social media , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


10 Times Tinder Was A Loveless Wasteland Of Cringe

The app that seems hellbent on delivering the world endless amounts of cringeworthy immaturity.  Submitted by: Tagged: tinder , cringe , technology , relationships , ridiculous , dating Share on Facebook


Evil Girlfriend Forged Rejection Letter To Keep Boyfriend Out of School

Clarinetist Eric Abramovitz thought he was rejected by a prestigious college. Turns out he had been accepted with a 50,000 a year scholarship, but his girlfriend (now Ex-girlfriend) hacked his email and turned it down in fear that he'd end their relationship. But it doesn't end there. Submitte...


10 People Share The Most Glorious Moments Instant Karma Struck Their Lives

Instant karma is always ready to teach humankind a lesson.  Submitted by: Tagged: instant karma , cringe , askreddit , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


23 Behaviors that Scream "I'm Stupid"

Reddit was asked what things people do that make them look uneducated. Do you do any of these? Submitted by: Tagged: arguing , debate , facebook , education , dumb , Reddit , logic , stupid , college Share on Facebook


Guy Proves Flat-Earthers Wrong In Best Way Possible

This one is destined to set the internet (of flat-earther's) ablaze with controversy.  Submitted by: Tagged: planets , Astronomy , controversy , Reddit , flat earther , math , earth Share on Facebook


17 Life Lessons Learned From Video Games

Video games and their profound life lessons will surprise you when you least expect it.  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , interesting , social media , video games , video game logic Share on Facebook


Girl Dodges Bullet When Creepy Craigslist Guy Contacts Her Out Of The Blue

Big ups to her for not losing her sh*t on this one.  Submitted by: Tagged: crazy , craigslist , creepy , conversation , texting Share on Facebook

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