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Why It's So Hard To Replace Your iPhone Battery

Apple recently announced that it was intentionally slowing down older iPhone models in order to preserve battery life. This had been a long-standing conspiracy theory floating around the internet. Apple lowered its battery replacement fee to $29 in response. However, many people have found it diff...


Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Review

Check out the full review and enter the competition at https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/amplifi-hd-review/ Our verdict of the AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi System: Beautifully designed, easy to use, performant and reliable, the AmpliFi HD has everything you need for no-nonsense home Wi-Fi. Music: www.bensoun...


6 Great Sayings From Western Philosophy

The great sayings of Western Philosophy capture some of the most daring and helpful thoughts humans have ever exchanged. Here is a list of our favourites, which reflect the adventure and wisdom of philosophical history. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop: https://goo.g...


We Will Gain The Ability To Read Minds Within 20 Years According To A Leading Surgeon

We Will Gain The Ability To Read Minds Within 20 Years According To A Leading Surgeon Use code Weird10 at checkout for 10% off on all E-win gaming chairs: http://www.ewinracing.com/ Thanks To Arkade For The Endcard Music: https://soundcloud.com/afroarkade/drama My Twitter: https://twitter.com/W...


Fortnite Tested On 11 Different Cards Epic Settings

Is Fortnite The Best Free Game Ever? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Get Fortnite for FREE!! https://goo.gl/UYSiAK Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on...


How to Make Canoe Paddle // Woodworking

I made a beautiful wooden canoe paddle by hand! For $50 off select Casper mattresses, go to https://www.casper.com/iltms and use code: iltms at checkout. Terms and conditions apply. Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/1k8msFr Second Channel: http://bit.ly/iltms-2 MORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS...


Tim Still Knows...

Tim digs through his collection and picks out a few more nose toys...!


Ready Player One - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Ready Player One (2018, Steven Spielberg) is a virtual reality nostalgia-packed, reference-filled movie...but how is it? As a fan of the book it was based on, I have a lot to say. Yell at me on twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino Instagram: https://goo.gl/HH6mTW Facebook: https://goo.gl/cw7pQ...


Zoo - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Subscribe to Explosm! ► http://bit.ly/13xgq7a What a beautiful day to visit the Zoo Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on www.explosm.net since 2005! Credits: Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick Directed By: Dave McElfatrick Screenplay By: Dave Mc...


What is Dangerous in our AIR? | Earth Lab

The harmful air particles are here analysed and explained. Subscribe to Earth Lab for more fascinating science videos: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToEarthLab Best Earth Lab videos: http://bit.ly/EarthLabOriginals The Doctors Are In The House: http://bit.ly/TheDoctorsAreInTheHouse Bang Goes The Theor...

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