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The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Used To Take A Lot Of Flack In The Writer's Room

Robert Kirkman is a comics creator, but he's also an executive producer, which means he has been a part of the creating of the show for some time, and even is a part of the writers room


DC's Titans First Trailer Is Packed With Superheroes And An F-Bomb From Robin

The first trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Titans show is out, and it's full of action and superheroes.


Canadian Officials Are Blaming Sons Of Anarchy For Rise In Motorcycle Gangs

There's a rise in motorcycle gangs in The Great White North, and officials think Sons of Anarchy is to blame.


Deadpool’s Bathroom Stunt at Comic-Con May Be the Weirdest ‘Swag’ of the Year

Wednesday night is known as Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, an opportunity to get a glimpse of the booths and exhibits on display for excited pop culture fans — but the most interesting thing at the convention center might have been found in the bathroom, courtesy of the Marvel Universe&...


Narcos Season 4 Releases First Look At Michael Pena, New Details

We finally have new details about Season 4 of Narcos, including a first look at Michael Pena's character.


A Creepshow TV Series Is Happening With The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero

Many will recall the 1982 Creepshow anthology film from George A. Romero and Stephen King, which starred a bevy of screen favorites. Well, prepare to be creeped out all over again!


Netflix Builds Awards Arsenal with Lisa Taback as Its Lethal Weapon

Netflix programming head Ted Sarandos wants to win Oscars. Netflix does fine in the nominations department, this year adding to their short and feature documentary Oscar nominations a record 112 Emmy nods (beating HBO); in 2018, it received four Oscar narrative nominations for Dee Rees’ &ldquo...


‘Genius: Picasso’: Visualizing the Legendary Artist’s Life as a Painting

After visualizing Einstein’s theory of relativity in the first season of National Geographic’s “Genius,” cinematographer Mathias Herndl needed to come up with a similar device for “Picasso.” Of course, it helped having a tour de force performance by Antonio...


Katherine Heigl Apparently Won't Be Very Likable On Suits Season 8

Samantha Wheeler is going to be a tough lawyer to deal with, according to Katherine Heigl.

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