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Amazon Testing Collaborative Shopping List Feature on iOS App and Website

Amazon has begun testing a small but useful new feature across its iOS app and mobile/desktop websites, allowing users to invite friends and family members to collaborate on a shopping list together. Amazon customers have long been asking for such a feature, and it seems like a small set of them hav...


Apple Offers Free Repairs of Products Damaged in Japan Floods

Apple has announced that it will repair any Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, or Thunderbolt Display directly damaged by heavy rains in Japan in July, free of charge, so long as the product is actually repairable. Affected customers can contact Apple by dialing 0120-27753-5 to arrange for pick...


What is Telegram Passport?

Telegram Passport is a new feature by the makers of Telegram that is designed as "a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification". Some companies may require further proof of identification when users create accounts, want to unlock payment limits, or unlock a locke...


Hiri – Office365 and Exchange for GNU/Linux

If you’re like me and use Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for work or school, you’ll quickly find out how much of a pain it can be, trying to find a solution outside of your web browser in a GNU/Linux system. Hiri, ((https://www.hiri.com/)) is an application specifically designed for th...


How to Create a Flowchart in Excel

Plenty of options exist for creating flowcharts, but you may not need one if you’re already subscribed to Microsoft Office 365. We’ve shown how you can create a flowchart in Word, but Excel works just as well. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a flowchart environment an...


Google Bans Crypto-Miners From the Play Store

Google is banning several types of apps from the Play Store. This includes apps that mine cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, apps aimed at children but which contain adult themes, and apps which help you buy, sell, or acquire firearms. In April 2018, Google banned crypto-mining extensions from the Chro...


The 7 Best Volume Booster Apps for Your Android Phone

Android is great for watching movies and TV, and listening to music and podcasts. But there’s one problem—a lot of Android phones aren’t loud enough. So what can you do? In this quick guide, we’ll show you the best volume booster apps and other tools to increase the volume on...


MacBook Battery Replacement: 4 Options, From the Safest to the Least

Your MacBook’s battery is likely the first component you’ll need to replace. Apple makes reliable machines, but battery technology means most cells only last a few years before their capacity seriously diminishes. A battery replacement is a great way to breathe new life into an old MacBo...


Dropbox for Gmail Helps You Manage Your Attachments

You can now install a Dropbox add-on for Gmail to help you manage your attachments. This is perfect for people who already use both Gmail and Dropbox, but we suspect users of one or the other may also switch in order to make use of the partnership. Dropbox already has partnerships in place with the...


Three technology trends transforming the way we work

The advent and subsequent growth of fast and reliable communication tools (such as Flock and Slack) has changed the dynamics of the way we work on a daily basis. No longer are we tied to an office or a phone line, as today’s teams can work from anywhere. As a result, workers can collaborate mo...

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