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An introduction to Java syntax for Android development

Coding Android apps means learning to use Java (unless you choose to use Kotlin, Unity, B4A, Xamarin, or another “alternative” method). Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials available to walk you through common statements and what they all do. However, before you start decoding Jav...


Huawei is so big in China, it’s now competing with itself and losing (Update)

Update, July 27 2018 (10:45AM EST): Honor shipments are exceeding Huawei shipments in China, according to tracking firm Canalys. But is this a cause for concern on Huawei’s part? Can we expect cannibalization to be a challenge for the Chinese manufacturer, as the sub-brand eats into the main...


Planning to buy a Galaxy Note 9? You might want these leaked accessories too

Android Headlines Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 accessories have reportedly leaked, including several cases. We also see a heavy-duty protective cover that’s tipped to have MIL-STD 810G certification. The new accessories join previously leaked peripherals, such as a new wireless charge...


Nvidia Turing graphics card leak suggests September release and high prices

Following an earlier report regarding the pricing and release timing of the upcoming 2018 editions of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX graphics cards, WccfTech claims to have learned even more information from sources connected to one of Nvidia’s manufacturing partners – some of which is contr...


The incredible rise of Pinduoduo, China’s newest force in e-commerce

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on TechNode, an editorial partner of TechCrunch based in China. From Alibaba to JD, China is not short of e-commerce powerhouses. Although the country’s e-commerce market is highly consolidated, it’s not impossible for startup teams to c...


Congress members demand answers from Amazon about facial recognition software

When we called the ACLU’s Amazon’s Rekognition press release an “attention-grabbing stunt” when we wrote about it earlier today, well, consider that attention grabbed. Several Democratic members of Congress have responded with a strongly worded letter to founder Jeff Bezos....


Amazon wrongly IDed 28 members of Congress, and they’re not happy about it

Enlarge (credit: Amazon) In the wake of the American Civil Liberties Union’s test where 28 members of Congress were wrongly identified as arrestees via its Rekognition facial recognition service, some of those lawmakers have now raised serious concerns to the tech giant. For now, Amazon has...


Nintendo’s next Labo kit coming in Sept, looks like next-gen Pilotwings

Nintendo Despite anecdotal evidence that Nintendo's cardboard-filled Labo series hasn't yet sold gangbusters, the Japanese game maker is apparently going full-speed ahead with the weird series. Nintendo took a la...


Californian, Hawaiian homeowners charging ahead on residential batteries

(credit: sonnen) A new report from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association (ESA) says that US homeowners added 36 megawatt-hours (MWh) worth of batteries to their residences in the first quarter of 2018. That's more than the previous three quarters combined. The gains were driven by local...


HTC, amidst a major revenue decline, brags about its VR revenue

Enlarge (credit: HTC) Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC used its position as a VR headset maker to shoot back at the industry's critics on Thursday. The resulting story HTC tells is an interesting one, both because it makes new claims about VR revenue figures and because any brags from belea...

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