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Yelp Adds Health Inspection Data for Restaurants

Cities around the United States regularly check the hygiene standards in restaurants. This information is either then buried away on obscure government websites or displayed out of site in the restaurant itself. Especially if the results aren’t good. Yelp is trying to change this by prominentl...


The 7 Best Gmail CRMs Compared: Which Inbox Manager Is Best?

Do you send a lot of emails? Manage hundreds of contacts? Have a communication workflow? Then you know what it’s like to be totally overwhelmed by your inbox. CRM tools could be the simple fix you can try. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you keep track of your contacts, y...


GDPR: Turning the burden into an opportunity

The world of online data privacy has been active, lately. If you’re in the European Union right now, you’ve already seen the “Please agree to our Privacy options” pop-ups on every website you open. Your inbox has also been clogged with opt-ins and with “Important &...


Better Discover Events Near You Thanks to Google Search Update

While nothing will ever replace Groupon and its amazing assortment of discounted family activities and discontinued adult toys, an update to Google Search is making it easier to discover events taking place near you. Not only is finding events easier, but Google is using its magic to bring forth per...


Thursday Poll: How Long Have You Been With Your Current Carrier?

Years ago, when we started branching out from our single focus on DROID-branded phones, we really tried to talk as much as we could about wireless networks. Whether that was the big push from 3G into 4G LTE by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint, or their distancing from unlimited data plans onl...


When Fortnite Launches for Android, It Might be a Samsung Exclusive for Limited Time

If you thought OS exclusivity periods for select apps were bad, wait till you get a load of Android OEM exclusivities! According to a source of 9to5Google, when Fortnite launches for Android this year, it may be an exclusive for Samsung devices, the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 to be specific, for 30 days...


Verizon Once Again Cleans House in New RootMetrics Network Report

If there is one constant in the world of wireless network reports, it’s Verizon dominating almost all categories in the latest from RootMetrics. It’s tough to say why that is, since Ookla and OpenSignal all show T-Mobile making great strides and beating out Big Red regularly these days,...


Watch Samsung’s “Unbreakable” OLED Panel Survive a Beating by Hammer

Yesterday, Samsung showed off a supposedly unbreakable OLED panel for smartphones. It’s a flexible OLED with a plastic substrate, covered by a plastic cover window that allows it to bend and flex in ways that your typical glass-covered OLED panel wouldn’t be able to. Because it’s n...


Is LG’s revised mobile strategy actually working? Revenue and sales drop again

LG’s mobile division has posted an operating loss of $171.95 million for Q2 2018. The mobile wing also recorded global sales of just $1.92 billion, its lowest total in over two years. Despite the dropping sales, LG as a wider company is still thriving thanks to its home appliance and ho...


Huawei might release a foldable phone before Samsung – even if it’s no good

We expect Samsung to release a foldable phone sometime in 2019, but industry sources say that Huawei is going to do it first. According to the sources, Huawei will release a foldable phone before Samsung, even if the device isn’t ready. Huawei is trying to assert its standing in the market,...

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