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Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Receives Day One Update, Patches Blueborne and Improves GPS (Updated)

A day one update is rolling out to the Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon, labeled as build NMF26X.N950USQU1AQI5. According to the changelog, this update patches the Blueborne vulnerability (more info), but also improves GPS stability and the preloaded Swype keyboard. That appears to be about it, but hey...


It’s Galaxy Note 8 Day! Who has the Best Deal?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now in stores! Even though many of you have had the phone in hands for some time now, thanks to pre-orders, if you were holding out for some reason, today is the day you can walk into a store and buy one. It’ll cost you close to $1,000 should you buy one without a...


Essential vs Moto Mods – two very different takes the same modular idea

Last year, the word “modular” was injected into the mainstream vocabulary of smartphone enthusiasts. Sure, it had been there for a while as a kind of aspirational idea, but never really real. Then, suddenly within a span of a couple of months, we had two mainstream smartphones pushing o...


Chrome is making big changes to autoplay videos

Hallelujah. Starting in January 2018, Chrome is going to save us from autoplay videos. There are few things in life more annoying than a video you never wanted to watch blaring audio out of your speakers when you least expect it. We’ll see two separate changes the coming months. Starting in O...


Does the future of audio remain tied to mobile?

The smartphone replaced the MP3 player and iPod as nearly everyone’s portable music player of choice, but are newer technologies right around the corner about to replace it? I would wager not. Streaming services seem more popular than ever, plus we can take TV and film with us on the go with...


Google Earth VR adds Street View support for first-person tours

  In November 2016, Google Earth VR launched, allowing people who own the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets a way to view Google’s mapping service in a new and immersive way. This week, Google Earth VR got a small but still significant update, which added Street View imag...


Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to debut on September 15th, and there’s already reports that several folks are getting their phones shipped early. If you have already pre-ordered a Note 8, or plan to buy in the near future, my guess would be that you plan take good care of it based...


HP's new portable Sprocket printer can print photos on-the-go

HP recently launched a pocked sized photo printer for the Indian market. Priced at Rs. 8,999, the printer is available on Amazon India in black, white and red colour variants. HP along with the printer, is also offering specially designed HP ZINK papers for printing. A bundle of 20 Zink sheets is pr...


HP exploits firmware update to make its printers reject third-party ink

The cost of refilling the ink on your printer quickly adds up, and HP has once again been caught using an official firmware update for its printers to cause them to reject third-party ink.Back in March of 2016, millions of Inkjet and Inkjet Pro owners were issued a fake “security update”...


Dell Visor mixed reality headset is available to pre-order, ships October 17

Dell has begun taking pre-orders for its Dell Visor mixed reality headset, one of the most high profile headsets that will be coming to Windows 10, and which supports Microsoft’s mixed reality initiative. The Dell Visor is set to go on sale on October 17, which is the same day that the Windows...

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