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Here is the New Google Daydream View, It’ll Cost $99

Didn’t care about the new Google Home Mini we just revealed? How about the new Daydream View, Google’s latest VR headset? Here! While we don’t have many details on this unit, it’s obvious that we are looking at new colors: Charcoal, Fog, and Coral. The unit looks less soft an...


Here is the Google Home Mini, the Smaller $49 Google Home

When Google takes the stage on October 4 at a phone-related event in San Francisco, most of us expect there to be non-phone related product announcements too. We’ve heard rumors about a Google Home “mini” possibly being on the way and today we can confirm that it exists, how much i...


Sony Xperia XZ1 hits Amazon with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box

Looking for a new phone? The Sony Xperia XZ1 has just hit the Amazon shelves and is ready to ship to those willing to pay $699.99 for it. It is by no means a cheap device, but it does promise good specs and optimal performance, which you can learn all about in our hands-on post. It’s most spe...


Why manufacturers should experiment more – the innovations that became a hit

Smartphone manufacturers over the years have tried a little bit of everything in their attempts to innovate. It hasn’t always worked, and we’ve been critical when it doesn’t, but today we come to you in good faith: let’s celebrate those breaking the mold! Why? Well, trying s...


The Meizu M6 is official: a rebooted M5 starting at $100

Meizu has officially unveiled the Meizu M6, the latest device in its low-cost range of handsets. The device maintains the ultra-competitive price tag of last year’s Meizu M5, but delivers only a handful of minor improvements. The handset comes with a 5.2-inch HD display, octa-core MediaT...


Chainfire launches firmware.mobi to help you find stock boot and recovery images

Chainfire, developer of the popular Android apps like SuperSU and FlashFire, has launched a new website dedicated Android firmware. The website, firmware.mobi, includes a database of boot, recovery, and root images, making it easier for Android users to hunt down the firmware they want to flash. Ch...


Toshiba to Sell Memory Chip Unit to Consortium That Includes Apple

After months of negotiations, Toshiba has decided to sell its memory chip unit to a global consortium that includes Bain Capital, SK Hynix, Dell, and Apple, reports Reuters. No official announcement has been made by Toshiba as of yet, but the company is expected to announce the sale on Wednesday. A...


Promise Technology's 'Apollo' Personal Cloud Storage Device Supports iOS 11 Files App

Promise Technology's recently released Apollo Cloud 2 Duo storage device is able to interface with the iOS 11 Files app thanks to a new update that was introduced to the accompanying Apollo Cloud iOS app today. The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is a personal cloud storage solution designed to give families an...


T-Mobile Subscribers Can Now Use 50GB of Data Before Facing De-Prioritization

T-Mobile today announced that its prioritization point is being increased from 32GB to 50GB, allowing customers to use more data before facing slower speeds during periods of high network congestion. As the company explains, it uses a prioritization system to manage network traffic and prevent a sm...


Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” Information Released

Linux Mint Project Leader Clement Lefebvre, otherwise known as “Clem” released a blog post on Sept. 18, giving some information about the upcoming release of Linux Mint 18.3, dubbed “Sylvia.” In his blog post Lefebvre gave some ideas to some of the pieces of software and chan...

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