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CCleaner Was Distributing Malware for a Month

CCleaner, a popular piece of security software with a squeaky clean reputation, was distributing malware for the best part of a month. Although Piriform has disarmed the threat, anyone using the affected version of CCleaner is being urged to update the software at their earliest convenience. Over ti...


Leaked benchmarks hint at the power of AMD’s Ryzen processors for laptops

AMD has been busy this year pushing out a whole slew of Ryzen chips for desktop PCs – including some monster Threadripper processors of late – but we’ve now seen the first alleged benchmarks of Ryzen mobile CPUs.These processors will boast integrated Radeon Vega graphics and are ai...


Pirate Bay caught using visitors’ CPUs to mine cryptocurrency

If you happen to frequent the dicier corners of the internet, specifically the well-known copyright trampling website The Pirate Bay, then beware that the latter has been testing a new method of making money – using the PCs of visitors to mine cryptocurrency.Torrent Freak discovered that the p...


$1,000 phones are an inevitable side effect of commoditization

Top-tier smartphones have always been a reasonably expensive purchase, but the close to $1,000 price tag of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone refresh has put many consumer heads (and wallets) into a spin. They’re ultra-expensive, no doubt, but some will argue that the sheer amount...


Why we miss the Moto X

Remember the Moto X? Not the one that we saw recently at IFA – the original Moto X that prioritized personality and personalization over everything else. It was an exciting time for the Moto brand, which had been acquired by Google for a while before Lenovo came into the picture. And thanks to...


Samsung finally lets you disable the Bixby button

If you can’t stop them, join them… reluctantly. That seems to be Samsung’s attitude towards users complaining about the dedicated Bixby button on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, and Galaxy Note 8. The company is finally allowing users to disable the “tap to open Bixby Home&r...


Action-packed “Into the Dead 2” game to be released on October 13

Into the Dead is an extremely popular game with over 70 million downloads so far. If you’re a fan of the title, you’ll be happy to hear that its sequel is coming soon. New Zealand-based developer PikPok has announced that Into the Dead 2 for Android devices will be released on October 1...


How long should a $999 iPhone last?

I usually spend about $1,300 on a new computer, and I usually expect it to stay in good shape for about four years — if not more. So if I’m spending over $1,000 on an iPhone, how long should I expect to use it for? Smartphones have never had the longevity that modern computers have, ofte...


The iPhone X’s notch is basically a Kinect

Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly how fast technology is moving. "We put a man on the moon using the computing power of a handheld calculator," as Richard Hendricks reminds us in Silicon Valley. In 2017, I use my pocket supercomputer of a phone to tweet with brands. But Apple's iPhone X provides a...


The iPhone X from an Android user’s perspective

It’s been almost a year since the Google Pixel made me put down my iPhone and transformed me from a Google apps user on Apple hardware to a pure Google acolyte. In the grand tug of war between mobile religions, I’m now pulled in the direction of Android, and I can’t express much re...

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