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Image Viewer IrfanView 4.50 is out

IrfanView 4.50 is the most recent version of the popular image viewer Irfanview that is available for Microsoft's Windows operating system. IrfanView is a long-standing image viewer for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows, and for many versions that are no longer supported. The viewer is fre...


Amazon Echo Show

Technology, as you might’ve noticed, moves fast. It seems like the second you fully understand a product – all of its strengths and weaknesses – the company that makes it goes and releases a sequel. Such is the case with the Amazon Echo, a first-of-its-kind smart speaker that...


Cortana Is Listening Into Your Skype Conversations

Microsoft is adding Cortana to Skype, but to make use of the intelligent assistant you’ll have to let her listen in on your conversations. Those who are happy to do so will get the benefit of her knowledge, as she offers up useful information related to what you and your contacts are talking a...


How to Set Up and Use Your Amazon Echo Dot

Your new Echo Dot is a gateway to a world of smart home automation and fun with your virtual assistant. While Amazon offers several Echo devices, the Dot is a great choice due to its low price tag and slim profile. If you’re stuck during the setup of your Echo Dot or need help figuring out the...


The Best Mac Apps for Planning and Writing Your Next Research Paper

Taking a paper from an idea to polished submission on the Mac may seem obvious, but you can save a ton of time with the right tools. If you are back in school, then you have likely settled in and are starting to get your first big papers this year. These apps can help you craft the perfect submissio...


These Fantastic Printable Halloween Stencils Are Spookily Creative

When Halloween rolls around, many people are picking out pumpkins to carve. And, over the years, the carvings seem to have gotten more elaborate. You do not see as many plain old pumpkins as before. Many stores sell complete kits and you can even find online tutorials. But using a printable stencil...


Install Linux to Save Space! These Tiny Linux Distros Are Super Small

Do you have an old PC lying around gathering dust? Would you like to make use of the old small-capacity USB flash drives sitting in your drawer? You can reuse your old computer and USB drives by installing a super small Linux operating system (also known as a “distribution” or “dis...


Google Store Trade-In Program has Some Things You Should be Aware Of

The trade-in program that Google launched in the Google Store just before announcing the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL sure looks like a sweet option to score a discount on a new phone, especially if you are coming from an original Pixel or Pixel XL and don’t mind ditching your current device. Howeve...


LG V30: First 10 Things to Do!

As you are now well-aware after watching our LG V30 unboxing, we do indeed have a retail V30 in house and are (finally) progressing towards that official review. Before we get there, though, we like to get to fully know the ins-and-outs of devices like this and share some tips and tricks related to...


Verizon Moto Z, Z Play, Z Force Updated With Blueborne Patch

The Moto Z, Moto Z Force (software version: NCLS26.118-23-1-1), and Moto Z Play (software version: NDNS26.118-23-4) on Verizon are receiving the September Android Security patch, which includes a fix for the Blueborne vulnerability. If this is the first you’re hearing about Blueborne, click he...

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