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Here's what Alexa and Cortana Windows 10 integration looks like

The debut of Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant on Windows 10 devices has been a long time coming, and is already on a select few laptops and desktops. But, Microsoft and Amazon are keen on leaning into this partnership, now widely showing off Alexa integration into Cortana on Windows 10.The Ver...


How to Set a Spotify Playlist as Your Alarm on Android

If you own an Android phone and you’re tired of waking up to the standard alarm clock tones, you can now easily wake up to a playlist of your favorite songs served up by Spotify instead. You’ll need to make sure that you have the latest versions of Google Clock and Spotify installed on y...


How to Present a Slideshow Using Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is like the boring manager who nobody pays attention to till you need them. Adobe Bridge can not only help you manage your vast collection of photos, but it can also help you review them quickly with a slideshow. The slideshow option is a powerful review and presentation aid that you sh...


A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding White Balance

If you have completed our beginner’s guide to digital photography, and read up on the best online photography courses, you’re well on your way to becoming a better photographer. However, you might still be unsure about white balance. In which case now is the perfect time to learn. With t...


How to Get Better Weather Forecasts on Amazon Echo

While the Amazon Echo has a ton of awesome skills, some of its simplest and most useful come packaged in. You probably ask Alexa about the weather almost every day, but do you ever wish it was a little better? By default, Alexa’s weather reading only gives information about your general area b...


Twitter Lite Is Now Available in 45+ Countries

With more people in developing countries buying smartphones, tech companies need to cater to this influx of potential new users. The answer is lightweight apps which offer much the same functionality as the full-featured versions, just with less clutter. In April 2017, Twitter launched Twitter Lite,...


Y Combinator is launching a startup program in China

U.S. accelerator Y Combinator is expanding to China after it announced the hiring of former Microsoft and Baidu executive Qi Lu who will develop a standalone startup program that runs on Chinese soil. Shanghai-born Lu spent 11 years with Yahoo and eight years with Microsoft before a short sp...


Apple's Upcoming Sci-Fi Series From Ronald D. Moore Casts Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, and Sarah Jones

One of Apple's upcoming television shows is an unnamed sci-fi series from Battlestar Galactica developer Ronald D. Moore, which is currently in the casting stages. According to Variety, several actors and actresses have inked deals to star in the show, which has been described as a series that will...


Kuo: Apple to Launch Apple Car in 2023 to 2025

Apple will earn its two trillion dollar market cap through its services business, an augmented reality headset, and an Apple Car, according to reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now works for TF International Securities and today sent out a new note for investors outlining products that he ex...


Verizon to Offer Free Apple TV 4K in 5G Residential Broadband Package

Verizon today announced that it will offer the Apple TV 4K as part of its 5G residential broadband package that's set to launch in four markets this year, including Indianapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. A free Apple TV 4K will be provided to Verizon 5G broadband customers in lieu of a...

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