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Frustrated with weak Wi-Fi? Here’s the ultimate guide to improving wireless signal in the home

As we continue to fill our homes with ever more wireless-connected devices, it has become essential that we have a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network that can reach every corner of our house. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and suffering from poor Wi-Fi signal can be incredibly frust...


Websites to Find and Download Free and Open Source Software

Brief: If you are looking to find free and open source software, here are some websites where you can download free software. Where can I download Open Source software from? I have been asked this question several times and almost all the time, I have the same answer. So I thought instead of replyi...


How to Install Software from Source Code… and Remove it Afterwards

Brief: This detailed guide explains how to install a program from source code in Linux and how to remove the software installed from the source code. One of the greatest strength of your Linux distribution is its package manager and the associated software repository. With them, you have all t...


Great News! LTS Release of Linux Kernel will be Supported for 6 Years Now

Brief: Linux Kernel Long Term Support (LTS) releases will now be supported for six years instead of two. This will enable Android devices to survive four OS upgrades. Linux kernel has two kinds of releases: Long Term Support (LTS) releases and the regular releases. A regular Linux kernel release ar...


Facebook Messenger gets an Apple Music bot for full song streaming

Facebook today announced a new Apple Music integration for Messenger that allows you to stream full songs, a first for the social network’s messaging service. Prior to this partnership, you could build collaborative Spotify playlists inside Messenger group chats and Facebook’s digital AI...


You can now buy the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has made the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 available for purchase today. As pointed out by 9to5Mac, you can pick up the Watch — which comes with a special Nike sport band or loop — online and in Apple Stores as well as at Best Buy, in both GPS and LTE variations. It may be a bit toug...


Pixelbook vs. MacBook vs. Surface Laptop: how do the $1,000 laptops stack up?

Google’s Pixelbook is the revived image of a high-end Chromebook, a top-shelf version of a Google laptop running Chrome OS that’s meant to stand shoulder to shoulder with devices like Apple’s MacBook or Microsoft’s Surface Laptop. The Pixelbook starts at $999, which isn&rsquo...


The best free stock video sites 2017

A few well-placed snippets of high quality footage can really bring projects to life – whether they're presentations, websites or your own home-made videos. Finding the right video clips can be tricky, though. Many stock video sites charge a subscription fee for their best content. T...


Facebook Testing Mac and PC Apps for Workplace

Facebook quietly launched two official Facebook Workplace desktop apps for the Mac and PC, TechCrunch discovered this afternoon. Workplace is Facebook's enterprise collaboration software designed to compete with Slack and other similar business apps. The apps are available as a beta, with download...


Uber Removing Apple-Granted API That Could Have Let it Record a User’s iPhone Screen

When the Apple Watch was first released, Apple gave Uber what's known as an "entitlement" to run a special API to improve performance of the Uber app on the wrist worn device. That entitlement made headlines today when security researchers told Gizmodo that Uber could have used it to record a user'...

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