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Asus ZenFone V makes its debut (Update: on sale at Verizon)

Update (10/4): Verizon Wireless has now started selling the Asus ZenFone V online and in its stores. As we reported before, the price for the phone is $384 without a contract, or you can get it on a 24-month payment plan for $16 a month. Get it at Verizon Original post (9/18): Asus has qu...


Firefox 56: new preferences and Ghacks user.js changes

Mozilla released Firefox 56 to the release channel a couple of days ago, and this overview provides you with information on new, updated, and removed changes made to the Ghacks user.js file. The Ghacks user.js file for Firefox is a configuration file for Firefox that you use to control settings of F...


Waterfox 55.2 update and roadmap released

A new version of the Waterfox web browser, Waterfox 55.2 was released today paving the way for keeping legacy add-on support in the web browser. The web browser uses its own profile directory in that version. It used the same location that Firefox uses up until that version. Existing users will have...


Google Home Max

The Google Home Max turns the Google Assistant into your very own personal DJ. Well, the same can be said about the Google Home and the Google Home Mini, but the Max is the only one suited to rock the house thanks to its impressive hardware.But of course, this is Google we're dealing with, so you'll...


Best iPhone Wireless Chargers That Are Cheaper Than Apple’s

It might be old news for Android users, but the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 series have brought wireless charging to Apple fans. What’s more, there is finally one wireless standard we can all get behind. Which means you can safely buy a future-proof wireless charger that will work with all devic...


Don’t Waste Your Internet! 5 Tools to Limit Bandwidth

Limiting bandwidth on your computer will stop your data being wasted on things you don’t want. It’s very helpful for those who have a specific data limit and can help you avoid being overcharged. We’re going to show you tools to help you limit your bandwidth. Windows has a built-in...


7 Things to Consider When Starting a YouTube Channel

If anyone tells you it’s too late to start a YouTube channel now, ignore them. The platform is booming, and while there have been some controversies over the years, it’s still possible for a new content creator to grow and do well from scratch. But before you dive in, there are some thin...


Netflix Releases a Free Stranger Things Game

Fans of Stranger Things are in for a treat, as Netflix has released a game based on the series. Stranger Things: The Game drops you in the thick of things in sleepy Hawkins, Indiana. But as anyone who has watched the show will know, Hawkins isn’t as sleepy as it would at first appear to be. St...


5 Awesome KDE Plasma Tweaks You Should Try Today

Efficiency is key to becoming productive. It can often include buying a a portable mouse to use on the go, or a new productivity application. KDE Plasma is a stunning desktop environment that can be installed on Linux operating systems. KDE Plasma 5 is their current and latest offering of their flag...


Here’s why having an Amazon Prime subscription is a good idea

As most of you know, Amazon Great Indian Festival sale is live from today onwards. There are tons of deals and offers on wide range of product categories for all the customers, but being an Amazon Prime member has its own perks, which turns out to be really effective in sales like these. Amazon...

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