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iPhone X will come to Boost and Virgin Mobile on November 10th

Apple and major carriers opened up iPhone X preorders earlier today, but there will still be more carriers to come over the next few weeks. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA have announced customers will be able to order the iPhone X starting in early November. Boost says taxes and fees will be inc...


Get Apowersoft Video Converter Studio free – exclusively for TechRadar readers

Apowersoft Video Converter Studio is a powerful tool that makes it easy to convert videos into a wide range of different formats, with a built-in editor to trim, apply filters, create watermarks and even add captions.That's not all, though – Video Converter Studio also includes a brilliant dow...


Apple Sending Emails to iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Who Had iPhone X Pre-Order Failures

Apple this evening began sending emails to customers who attempted to pre-order an iPhone X through the iPhone Upgrade Program but ran into a problem during the process. In the email Apple asks customers to place a new iPhone Upgrade Program order and to reply to the email with the order number. It...


Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Coming Later This Year With Improved Color Tools, HEVC and VR Support

At the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit, which includes a visit to Apple's Cupertino Campus, Apple announced the next version of its video editing software aimed at professionals, Final Cut Pro X 10.4. Details about the announcement were shared on Twitter by FCPX experts Peter Wiggins, Alex Gollner,...


Apple Updating Some iPhone X Orders With Improved Delivery Dates

Some customers who pre-ordered the iPhone X when pre-orders went live and initially received shipping estimates of one to two weeks are seeing their orders upgraded to delivery on November 3. MacRumors reader Colin ordered a 256GB iPhone X from T-Mobile and was originally provided with a delivery es...


Harman Kardon Invoke

When the AI-equipped smart speaker was introduced to the wider world by Amazon in 2015, it was a novel idea. To that point, not only was the original Amazon Echo a Bluetooth speaker that could play nearly any song you could think of, but it was a pretty handy smart home hub, too. Now fast-forwa...


How to Bookmark a Page in a PDF Document in Adobe Reader

Adobe rules the roost when it comes to the Portable Document Format (PDF). Like it or hate it. Even as Adobe Reader puffed up with importance and size, free PDF alternatives have romped into the scene. They brought in new features and some you could only find in the commercial Adobe Acrobat Pro...


You Can Now Add Multiple Stops to Your Uber

Uber now lets riders add multiple stops to a single ride. This may be a standard feature of ordinary cab rides, but it has proven to be a long time coming for Uber and other ride-sharing services. Lyft added the option in 2016, and Uber has now finally caught up with its biggest competitor. Love it...


The Easiest Way to Run Windows Programs on Mac

Mac software is awesome, but there’s no denying that Windows software is widespread. Thus, many Mac users find themselves needing to run Windows-only apps from time to time. Maybe you need to use a specific piece of software that only runs on Windows, or just miss something from your Windows d...


How Government Propaganda Is Undermining Your Online Security

Events in recent years have led to many comparisons to George Orwell’s literary cornerstone 1984. The dystopian future that Orwell presented was heavily influenced by events in his lifetime, including the rise of Fascism, Communism, the two World Wars, and the beginnings of the Cold War. The n...

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