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Apple Clips update uses iPhone X's TrueDepth sensors for 360-degree selfie scenes

Apple is releasing an update to its Clips movie-making app that adds iCloud support and a new “Selfie Scenes” mode that uses the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera sensors to augment the user onto a 360-degree digital stage. It’s the first big update to the app since it added Disney...


Here’s a cool see-through iPhone X wallpaper that shows off its innards

If you’re the proud owner of a new iPhone X but are stumped on which wallpaper to display on that beautiful screen, iFixit has released some pretty nice see-through options. Fresh from its teardown, iFixit has given users two high-resolution wallpaper options, including one that shows what&rsq...


Windows 10’s Near Share is Microsoft’s take on Apple’s AirDrop

There’s a new preview build out for Windows 10, which is the first taste of fresh features that will be included in next year’s first big update (Redstone 4), including Microsoft’s version of Apple’s AirDrop for swiftly and easily sharing files between PCs.Near Share allows P...


Top 5 best application performance management (APM) solutions in 2017

It’s safe to say that computers and other IT hardware are critical in business operations. If physical technology is slow or breaks down, then firms can end up missing deadlines and targets, causing a whole heap of trouble. And the same thing goes for software applications – companies ne...


New 'Médor' Apple Watch Hermès Band Coming on November 14

Apple and Hermès have partnered up to launch a new Hermès-branded band for the Apple Watch, called Médor. Available in a "Noir Swift" black leather, the Médor band comes in Double Tour (38mm) and Single Tour (42mm) variations and joins the existing Hermès Apple Wat...


Apple Launches New Version of Clips With 360-Degree Selfie Scenes

Apple today updated its Clips video app with a promised "Selfie Scenes" feature that's designed to use the front-facing TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X to immerse users in 360-degree animated landscapes. Available Selfie Scenes transport users to "bustling cities, serene landscapes, abstract paint...


Apple Releases iOS 11.1.1 Update With Fix for 'A[?]' Autocorrect Bug

Apple today released iOS 11.1.1, the sixth official update to the iOS 11 operating system. iOS 11.1.1 comes a week and a half after Apple released iOS 11.1, the first major update to iOS 11. iOS 11.1 introduced new emoji and included several important bug fixes. The iOS 11.1.1 update can be downlo...


UrbanEars Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones

‘Scandinavian design’ can divide opinion. Those that love it praise its clean lines and minimalistic stylings, its wooden finishes and open aesthetic. But taken to extremes the design language can, its detractors argue, lead to items that are nicer to look at than to actually use, l...


10 of the Best Large Camera Bags for Fashion, Function, and Price

Outside of the camera itself, the most important investment: camera bags. The right bag makes it easy to find all of your lens and accessories while keeping everything protected. It’ll also make carrying your heavy gear around as pleasant as possible. There are so many different bags out there...


You Can Now Try Google’s New Files Go App

Google has released its new Files Go app in beta to anyone who wants to give it a spin. Files Go is a file management app designed to clean up space on your phone and help you stay organized. It also lets you share files with other Android users in a way not dissimilar to Apple’s AirDrop. Earl...

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