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Mac mini still important to Apple, says Tim Cook

It’s been over three years since the Mac mini was last refreshed, leading some folks to wonder if Apple has forgotten about the compact computer, but apparently that isn’t the case, at least according to Tim Cook (and as Apple CEO, he should be in a good position to know).Apple has plans...


The best free WinZip alternative 2017

WinZip is the best-known software for creating and opening compressed file archives, but it's not cheap and there are many superb free alternatives worth investigating before you open your wallet.Windows (from XP onwards) has a built-in compression tool, accessed by right-clicking one or more folder...


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is missing a big OneDrive feature

The big Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 has started rolling out , although many who have installed the upgrade have found something missing – namely OneDrive Files On-Demand.This is the system of OneDrive placeholders (read more about it here) which was present in Windows 8, but disappeare...


Apple and GE Announce Partnership to Deliver Powerful Industrial Apps

Apple and GE today announced a new partnership that will provide developers with the tools to make their own powerful industrial apps. The two companies unveiled a new software development kit for iOS that will give developers the ability to make native apps that take full advantage of the industri...


Adobe Announces Updates Across its Creative Cloud Lineup

At its annual Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, Adobe today announced a range of updates that are being introduced to its Creative Cloud software. Three Adobe apps that have been available in a beta capacity are officially launching, including Adobe XD CC for user interface design, Adobe Dimension C...


Apple Pay in Spain Now Supported by CaixaBank and ImaginBank

Apple Pay support in Spain has been extended to CaixaBank and ImaginBank, according to reports out of the country this morning. Spanish tech blog AppleSfera first reported that cards issued by the banks were working with Apple's mobile payment system as of Tuesday, and CaixaBank has now officially...


What Is Mono and How Does It Help Windows Switchers New to Linux?

Linux is many things. It’s the core component of a great number of distributions, the shoulders on which a large mobile platform stands on, and better than other, more popular operating systems (definitely not an opinion). One of its shortcomings, though, stems from its lower popularity on the...


iPhone 8 Review: Smart Phone, Dumb Upgrade

Our verdict of the iPhone 8:You'll need to make your own mind up about this one, since it's a refined smartphone but a lacklustre upgrade. Had Apple included a fast charger and maybe some form of wireless charging pad, it would have matched the 8/10 awarded to last year’s iPhone 7 Plus.710 We'...


7 Swift Coding Challenges to Practice Your Skills

When Apple announced Swift way back in 2014, people were rightfully skeptical. Nobody knew if it would catch on, and many questioned the need for yet another programming language to learn. But then Swift went open source in 2015, and though it didn’t explode overnight, the language has steadil...


The Tiny Notepad That Lives in the Mac Menu Bar

Everyone needs a bit of paper for scribbling notes every once in a while — even when you’re working on a computer. Yes, macOS Sierra has the Notes app, which recently went from useless to useful, and there’s also the default TextEdit app, but how often do you really use i...

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