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6 Gestural Interface Tricks to Try Out With Your New iPhone X

Most iPhone X owners have had barely 48 hours to get to grips with Apple's new home bar-based user interface which does away with traditional home button functions, but the general consensus is that it becomes extremely intuitive to use after just a few hours. In this article, we've gathered some ne...


Best photo printer 2017: the best printers for your digital photos

If you have lots of digital photographs sitting on your hard drive, then you'll want the best photo printer you can find to print those photographs out and do your photography justice.Digital cameras have made photography - either for professional or personal use - far more convenient, as you can re...


Apple Watch Bug Causing Restarts When Asking Siri About the Weather

There's a strange bug with the Apple Watch today that's causing resprings whenever Siri is questioned about the weather. Asking Siri something like "What's the temperature?" or "What's the weather?" or "Is it raining?" causes the Apple Watch to crash. The issue has been documented in several thread...


Animoji Karaoke Takes Over Social Media Following iPhone X Launch

An animated cat, fox, pig, and chicken singing Bohemian Rhapsody is the epitome of a new social media phenomenon dubbed Animoji Karaoke. Over the past week, both reviewers and customers lucky enough to have the device in their hands have shared fun, humorous videos of Animoji in action, ranging fro...


T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Call Off Merger

T-Mobile and Sprint today announced that plans for a merger have officially ended after the two companies were unable to find "mutually agreeable terms." Rumors last week suggested the merger might be called off because Sprint parent company SoftBank was having doubts about the deal over the owners...


5 Virtual Stock Market Games That Help You Learn How to Invest

Dipping your toe in stock markets for the first time is intimidating, even for those of us who consider ourselves financially savvy. But other than paying a financial specialist for advice, what other options are available? Luckily, there are a variety of stock market games and simulators avail...


5 Free SoundCloud Apps to Stream, Discover, or Download Music

SoundCloud often flies below the radar of streaming music services. But if you like listening to songs online for free, it’s as good an option as YouTube. And with the right apps, maybe even better. It’s a misconception that SoundCloud is a place only for indie bands. And even if you use...


YouTube Kids Tries to Make Parents’ Lives Easier

YouTube is making a few changes to the YouTube Kids app. All of which are designed to help make parents’ lives easier. This includes multiple profiles, better parental controls, and a new tailored experience which takes the actual ages of your individual children into consideration. There is a...


What Is the Most Secure Mainstream Browser?

The battle for the best desktop browser will never be settled. There are those who will always swear by Google Chrome; others who hold Safari up as the clear winner; and even some who have stuck by Internet Explorer (IE) despite constant press negativity. Even defining the qualities for what constit...


Microsoft Cortana Now Controls Your Home With the Invoke Smart Speaker

It seems that every tech company that has an intelligent personal assistant is also releasing a lineup of smart speakers. The trend began in 2014 when Amazon introduced the first-generation Echo, which uses Amazon Alexa. Two years later, Alphabet announced the Google Home powered by Google Assistant...

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