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7 Fantastic RetroPie Game Stations You Can Build This Weekend

One look at the Raspberry Pi shows you that miniaturisation affects all facets of life — even retro gaming! With the Raspberry Pi 3, almost every retro gaming platform can be emulated, so why not build a dedicated, retro-themed game station to house it in? “RetroPie”? What’s...


Best Soundbars for Audiophiles on a Budget

Picture quality is only half of watching a video. The other half? Sound quality! For example, a top-of-the-line 4K HDR TV feels incomplete with tinny audio. Enter the home theater system. Multi-speaker arrays ranging from basic two-channel systems to robust 7.1 channel packages pump out lifelike aud...


Your Wi-Fi Connection Isn’t As Secure As You Think

The WPA2 encryption security protocol that protects your Wi-Fi connection has a flaw. And it’s a flaw that could allow hackers to intercept passwords, photos, emails, credit card information and more. It could also potentially be used to inject malware onto a website you’re casually visi...


Google Photos can now tell your pet apart from other animals

Google Photos is going to the dogs. And that's a good thing, because it means it'll now automatically recognize photos of your pets, just like it recognizes your human family and friends. Want to make quick videos starring only your cat? As Google shows, it's easy now.Google's announcement for the s...


Vodafone offers 90GB 4G data, unlimited voice calls for 6 months at Rs. 399

Vodafone India has announced another interesting plan with 4G data and unlimited voice calls. Ever since Reliance Jio’s entry into the Indian telecom sector, the incumbent operators have been battling with their new recharge plans to compete against Jio’s attractive plans.Under this new...


Amazon Great Indian Festival Diwali Edition: Best Deals on Home Appliances

Amazon India is back with another blockbuster sale on the foremath of Diwali and it is probably your last chance to get the biggest discounts of the year. While there are a plethora of products available at an offer price, here, we will only focus on the best deals on consumer electronics. So, if yo...


How Apple, Google and Microsoft are addressing the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability

Ah, WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access): you've protected our Wi-Fi so well for so many years now.Unfortunately, that illusion of safety was shattered earlier today when security researcher Mathy Vanhoef reported a vulnerability in the WPA2 handshake protocol that he's calling KRACK (for "Key Reinstallati...


Apple Extends Internal iOS 11.1 Apple Pay Cash Testing to Retail Employees

Starting in early October, Apple corporate employees in the United States began testing Apple Pay Cash internally in the iOS 11.1 beta, suggesting the person-to-person Apple Pay feature could be introduced in iOS 11.1 despite its current absence from the iOS 11.1 developer beta. Apple has now expan...


T-Mobile to Cap 'Mobile Without Borders' Feature at 5GB of LTE Data Per Month Starting November 12

T-Mobile this week quietly announced plans to tweak the way its "Mobile Without Borders" feature works, adding a 5GB data cap. Introduced in 2015 as an Un-carrier initiative, Mobile Without Borders is a T-Mobile feature that's designed to extend LTE coverage and calling to Mexico and Canada at no a...


Nvidia's Free GeForce NOW Beta Lets You Play System Intensive PC Games on Your Mac

Apple's Macs aren't optimized for gaming and often don't have powerful enough GPUs to run the latest gaming titles, a problem that Nvidia is aiming to solve with its GeForce NOW service designed for Macs. GeForce NOW for Mac, currently in beta testing in North America, lets you use a virtual GeForc...

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