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TunnelBear makers launch password manager RememBear

The makers of the popular VPN solution TunnelBear, available as a free and paid version, have released a beta version of the company's upcoming RememBear password management service. Password managers and services are a dime a dozen nowadays. Computer users can select between native browser solution...


Now TV Smart Box

Sky's new Now TV Smart Box is in many ways very similar to its existing Now TV Box. It still offers a temptingly cheap way of getting Sky's suite of Now TV streaming services onto your TV, it still offers access to a wide range of other on-demand services, and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are stil...


TomTom Runner

The TomTom Runner might not be the company's first journey into the wearable tech fitness domain - it previously joined forces with Nike for the Nike+ SportWatch back in 2011 - but it does mark its first solo watch outing. TomTom has clearly seen an opportunity in the wearable market and is seizing...


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

We think the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is an excellent vacuum, and it can now be snapped up for even less, making it a great deal.[Update: The season of savings is upon us, and if you're in the market for a new vacuum cleaner you'll want to check out our best vacuum cleaners.]It's hard to deny Dyson's...


YouTube Targets Inappropriate Videos for Kids

YouTube has a new problem to solve, and this time it involves inappropriate or exploitative videos aimed at children. YouTube is taking steps to tackle the problem, and it’s starting by removing dozens of channels and thousands of videos from the site. However, there’s more work to be do...


15 Awesome Star Wars Props You Can 3D Print

With a new episode of Star Wars around the corner, the force is strong within all of us. But man, the merchandise costs big bucks. Here’s a neat hack: you can download and print these 3D printable props for free! Of course, you’ll need access to a 3D printer for these. If you don’t...


Apple’s First Holiday Ad Gives Thanks for AirPods

It’s Thanksgiving. Which means a) you’re probably reading this in between mouthfuls of turkey and/pumpkin pie, b) as a Brit I’m jealous of Americans for getting an extra day off, and c) Apple has released its first TV commercial of the holiday season. The first of many, it has to b...


5 OxygenOS Features That Make OnePlus Phones Stand Out

In just four years of its existence, OnePlus has become a brand to be reckoned with in the smartphone space. It started with a mission to deliver a high-end experience at a price that’s easier on the wallet. The company has largely delivered on that promise; we walked away pretty impressed wit...


11 Cool Gadgets You Should Never Leave Home Without

Tech enthusiasts know how gadgets enhance your daily grind. But what deserves to travel with you? Here are the products for revolutionizing your fast-paced life. 1. North Face Access Pack The first order of duty is finding a comfy place to house your tech. Granted, bags are a dime a dozen, but none...


The best Black Friday 2017 deals in India

Black Friday is one of the biggest technology sales events of the year, and we'll be bringing you the best deals right here.In the last couple of years, the influence of Black Friday has crossed the oceans and reached India, thanks to growing e-commerce platforms and a digitally native youth populat...

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