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Etymotic ER4 Earphones

Critical listening in-ear headphones are designed with a very clear purpose in mind, to provide crystal-clear audio in the smallest package possible. So who better to create the next cutting-edge version of the form factor than the company who produced the first noise-isolating high-fidelity in-ear...


How to Turn Off Key Press Popups on Android and iOS

On both Android and iOS, a small icon pops up every time you press a key when typing on the keyboard. It’s supposed to help you determine that you pressed the key you intended to. However, for many people, it’s annoying. Since most of us touch type on phones and tablets, we determine whe...


How to Tell Companies You’re Open to Taking a New Job on LinkedIn

The best thing to happen during a job search is to be headhunted. It would free you from the burden of sending out resume-packed emails and wrangling all kinds of interviews. For most of us, being headhunted won’t happen out of the blue. However, one little LinkedIn feature gives you the freed...


How to Send Canned Text Responses to Phone Calls

Ever had a phone call come in at the worst time? Maybe you’re not in a place where you can talk freely, or just aren’t in the mood for talking. Thankfully, both Android and iOS let you respond to incoming phone calls with a text message. Whether you prefer to reject incoming calls and ta...


Boost Your Productivity with Four Top-Rated Mac Apps for $19.99

Time is a very precious commodity. Every minute you can save on repetitive tasks means you have a minute more for working on something great. The Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle helps you make the most of your time, with four top-rated apps for getting things done. Right now, the bun...


How to Make Android Faster: What Works and What Doesn’t

We all wish our phones were just a little faster. Whether you’re chugging along with a device from three years ago or rocking one of the best new Android phones, it’s the same—more speed is always better. There’s no shortage of ideas on how you can speed up Android device. Un...


Why AI is the best tool to help build your next website

As AI technology becomes commonplace in many industries around the world, new applications are constantly being found.Web design and building has evolved rapidly in the past two decades, with organisations now able to craft vibrant and intelligent online hubs for whatever they choose. Wix has been a...


UK smartphone use hits new high but Brits make less calls than ever

The dominance of data and decreasing importance of voice on mobile has been underlined by the findings of a new Ofcom report which says the amount of time spent on calls has fallen for the first time.The regulator's annual Communications Market Report (CMR) found that the popularity of over-the-top...


That Turing Scam Company Has Another Scam Phone You Should Avoid

In August of 2015, pre-orders opened for Turing Phone, a phone with a frame said to be made of Liquidmorphium (some new liquid metal that’s stronger than steel and titanium). Long after delays and buzz from the media, including us because we were once naive about such things, the company...


JBL’s Link View Smart Display Up for Pre-Order

If you weren’t a fan of the Lenovo Smart Display that released last week and were interested in other offerings, like the one that JBL showed off back at CES, your time has come (almost). The JBL Link View is now up for pre-order! JBL’s version of a smart display will cost $249.95 and th...

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