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What Is the Most Secure Mainstream Browser?

The battle for the best desktop browser will never be settled. There are those who will always swear by Google Chrome; others who hold Safari up as the clear winner; and even some who have stuck by Internet Explorer (IE) despite constant press negativity. Even defining the qualities for what constit...


Microsoft Cortana Now Controls Your Home With the Invoke Smart Speaker

It seems that every tech company that has an intelligent personal assistant is also releasing a lineup of smart speakers. The trend began in 2014 when Amazon introduced the first-generation Echo, which uses Amazon Alexa. Two years later, Alphabet announced the Google Home powered by Google Assistant...


The best laptop docking stations 2017

Finding the best laptop docking station for your needs can make working on your laptop easier, more convenient and more comfortable, as while laptops are great for portability, they don't quite offer the range of connectivity options desktop PCs provide in the office.However, with docking stations,...


Facebook now lets you make two-option polls with GIFs and photos

Two years ago Twitter started letting its users create polls for just about everything, making it easier for them to learn whether their followers prefer Westworld or Stranger Things, or decide whether they should have beef bourguignon or Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner. And now, at last, Facebook...


Paytm Inbox lets you chat with friends, send and request money

Paytm has announced a new chat feature, allowing users to chat with their friends and family in the app itself. Branded as Paytm Inbox, it is a proper messaging platform that lets users chat and send photos and videos. In addition to chats, users can also send or request money within the app using P...


Nvidia teases a new Titan X Collector’s Edition graphics card

Nvidia continues to surprise us with new graphics cards, and today it just released a teaser for a new Titan X Collector’s Edition.Although Nvidia only offered up an extremely short 13-second video, seen below, we’ve nevertheless scrubbed through it frame by frame for juicy tidbits. Ther...


Lenovo takes control of Fujitsu’s PC division in an effort to shore up sales

In a move that has been in the works since over a year ago, Lenovo is set to bolster its computer business – which has slipped in terms of performance this year – by snapping up a majority stake in Fujitsu’s PC division.Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL) was spun off by Fujits...


$370,000 worth of iPhone X devices were stolen from a UPS truck

Three "husky" men wearing hoodies broke into a UPS truck parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco and stole over 300 iPhone X devices, with a total value of about $370,000, according to local news reports. The incident occurred between 11:15am and 11:30am PT Wednesday morning. The driver of th...


Apple makes more money with services than AirPods, Apple TV, Watch, and iPad sales combined

Apple announced today that revenue from its services division came in at $8.5 billion in the past quarter, a 34 percent year over year increase. That revenue is now more than both iPad and Apple’s “other products” division — which includes AirPods and other accessories, Apple...


Steam stats show gamers are abandoning Windows 10 – but is that really the case?

Valve’s latest Steam survey paints a hugely worrying picture for Windows 10 on the face of it, with a massive drop in use of the OS, but Microsoft shouldn’t be engaging fret-factor-10 just yet – because there seems to be another story lurking in the background here.So, the headline...

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