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Black Friday 2017: Save $1,000 on High-End 2016 15-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple authorized reseller Adorama is offering an impressive $1,000 discount on the high-end 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The special Black Friday sale drops the price of last year's high-end MacBook Pro in Space Gray to $1,899, down from Apple's original price of $2,899 last year. That...


Black Friday 2017: Some of the Best Apps, Games, and iTunes Movies on Sale

Today is Black Friday, meaning many people are out shopping at physical stores to take advantage of the best deals, but there are also discounts hitting apps and movies that you can buy at home on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Because of this, we've taken a look at the best games, productivi...


Black Friday 2017: Save $200 on Apple's Latest 9.7-Inch iPad With Cellular on Two-Year Contract

Best Buy has discounted all fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad models with Wi-Fi + Cellular by $200 on a two-year contract with Verizon. This limited time Black Friday deal drops the price of Apple's budget tablet to an all-time low of $259 for 32GB of storage or $359 for 128GB of storage, compared to...


Run userchrome.js scripts in Firefox 57 or newer

If you have used a browser extension such as userChrome.js in the past to run JavaScript code in the browser context; handy to manipulate functionality of the browser directly. A huge list of scripts was created that Firefox users could load using the extension. These scripts changed elements of the...


How to protect yourself from Session Replay tracking

As if Internet advertising was not already in deep enough trouble, companies continue to research and use new invasive tracking capabilities on a regular basis. Session Replay is one of the most recent that came to light. This is an advanced type of analytics software which doesn't only track basic...


For the Love of Dog: 5 Best Places for Cute Puppy Photos and Videos

The internet’s love for cats is well documented, but dogs aren’t left far behind. If a puppy’s antics or an old boy’s silliness can put a smile on your face, then head to any of these places for a pick-me-up. We’ve already listed a few sites for cute and funny pet pictu...


Twitter Bookmarks Let You Save Tweets for Later

Twitter is actively testing a new feature that will let you save tweets for later. In a fit of creative genius Twitter has called this feature “Bookmarks”, but regardless of how unoriginal it is, this could be a useful tool for Twitter users. Almost as useful as the Mute button, in fact....


Amazon Echo Buttons Let You Host Quiz Nights

You can now buy a new accessory for your Amazon Echo, and this one is destined to add an element of fun to any family get-together. Called simply Amazon Echo Buttons, these simple little gadgets allow up to four people to compete against each other using the power of Alexa. Make no mistake about it,...


10 Family-Friendly Podcasts to Listen to With Your Kids

Podcasts are great for giving you the scoop on almost anything. The problem is, not all podcasts are appropriate for listening to with your family. Like these true crime podcasts, for example. Which is where we come in. Using this list as a guide, you can turn podcast listening into an activity for...


The best Usenet providers of 2017

You might think, given that most ISPs no longer provide direct access to it and the majority of the free providers online have disappeared, that the venerable Usenet service has died a death. But that's not entirely true; there are still many active discussion areas in the bigger groups.But let's be...

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