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DEAL: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Still $300 Off at Verizon, Best Buy, and Target

It’s the day after Christmas, so I’d imagine that a few of you have some cash to spend. If you were holding out until this moment to pickup a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, you are still in luck, as Verizon, Best Buy, and Target have kept up their $300-off Pixel 2 deal. I think the deal ends soo...


Moto X4 Android One Gets Oreo Update Too!

I’d love to tell you that I have more news to share on this post-holiday Tuesday outside of Oreo updates for phones, but that’s what we’re working with. And hey, Oreo updates are awesome, especially since it’s not yet 2018 and companies are coming through. The latest Android...


Why cell phone plans are so expensive

Espenservik Cell phone plans are a constant payment we make each and every month. But have you ever thought about exactly what you are paying for? Of course, we pay to be connected, talk whenever we want, send texts, and stream music as we ride the bus. That’s the end result. But what&r...


Carriers might hide signal strength in future Android versions

Carriers being able to determine which software features are available is nothing new. After all, some carriers hide the mobile data and hotspot options in the notification panel. Unfortunately, that might extend to the ability to display signal strength for Android P. In Android, there are two way...


Magisk v15 update has been released with a new modular design

If you’ve rooted your device in recent years, you’ve probably heard of Magisk. It serves a variety of functions, though its main selling point is the fact that it can hide root. That means Magisk allows you to use non-root-friendly apps or those that break SafetyNet such as Android Pay,...


Best OnePlus 5T cases

The OnePlus 5T doesn’t cost as much as the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30, and a few other flagships, but it’s still expensive. The 64 GB version retails for $499, while the 128 GB model will set you back $559. I’m sure you take great care of your OnePlus 5T. But accidents do happe...


The new OPPO A75 and A75s have 6-inch displays and facial recognition

OPPO The OPPO A75 and A75s both feature small bezels and an 18:9 display. The only difference between the devices is the amount of internal storage (32 GB vs 64 GB). Both phones are on sale in Taiwan for $400 or less. OPPO, one of the world’s largest cell phone manufacturers, just took the...


Intel’s Coffee Lake makes six-core mainstream

Coffee Lake is both a significant upgrade to Intel’s mainstream CPU line, and one of the longest delays between meaningful improvements.If you’re an enthusiast who’s already upgraded to a six-core, 12-thread (6C12T) processor, Coffee Lake might not seem like a big deal. We’ve...


TechRadar's computing 2018 wishlist

While I always eagerly await the giant strides computing technology makes with each new year, in 2018 I’m looking forward to some of the smaller revolutions, that may not be quite as flashy, but will have just as profound an effect on the way we use our computers.Microsoft and Qualcomm’s...


Weekly Recap: Merry X-Mas, Happy Holidays!

X-Mas weekend is here, so Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. For the rest of you, happy holidays! For the week in Android, it was typically slow as is always the case around this time, but we finished off our OnePlus 5T coverage by giving you reasons to buy one, laughed at Apple for throttli...

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