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Weekly Recap: Net Neutrality Vote, Galaxy S9 Renders, and The Last Jedi

This week was one for the books. We had the FCC’s vote to kill neutrality, got our first potential look at the Galaxy S9, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters. Yup, a whole lot happened. If you missed this week’s coverage, allow me to briefly recap. Earlier this week, we posted up o...


DEAL: Misfit Vapor Down to Just $140 on Amazon, $60 Off

Misfit Vapor, the Android Wear-powered smartwatch that everyone was chirping about months ago, but got less excited with as delays took place and specs were changed, is up on sale through Amazon. The retail price for Vapor is $200, but for a limited time, you can get it for $60 off, bringing the pri...


Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 Unveiling Set for February, Retail Launch in March

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Samsung’s plan for 2018 is to unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in February, then launch it globally in March. If this is indeed what happens, it would be one of the earliest launches we’ve seen from Samsung. Along with the timing, which com...


The Last Jedi’s Rey (Jedi Training) Arrives in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The game I won’t shut up about, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, just received a new character that all Resistance squads will want to have. Rey (Jedi Training), is now in the game, synergizing ridiculously well with BB-8, Resistance characters, and many other squads in general. Rey (Jedi Training...


These US Cities Lean on WiFi Usage the Most, According to OpenSignal

We tend to discuss mobile technologies like 4G LTE and 5G the most around here, so we don’t often take the time to talk about another important aspect of our daily smartphone usage, which happens to be WiFi usage. I don’t know about you, but I’m on WiFi a ton throughout my day, whe...


Deal: Misfit Vapor gets a $60 price cut on Amazon to $140

The Misfit Vapor finally went on sale in late October, after the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch was supposed to launch sometime in the late summer of 2017. The price for the smartwatch was $199.99, but now Amazon has cut the price down for the Vapor to just $139.59. That’s over $60 off for a pro...


Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 to launch in February 2018 (Updated)

91 Mobiles The rumored Samsung Galaxy S9 is said to be launching February 27, on the second day of MWC 2018 Despite the speculation, a launch during the first press day on Sunday, February 25, seems more plausible The device is also expected to go on sale in March 2018 Update (12/17): Bloomb...


Deal: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are $50-$75 off at the Google Store, up to $550 off at Target

Both Google and Verizon Wireless are making a last minute holiday sales push for the recently launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Over at the Google Store, you can get the 64 GB version Pixel 2 for $599 unlocked, or $699 for the 128 GB model, which is a $50 discount from its normal price. Pixel 2 XL b...


FCC officially repeals net neutrality rules: what now?

Huffington Post Net neutrality is officially dead, but what does that mean for Internet users in the US and beyond? Will it ever come back? Read on to find out. Editor's PickNet neutrality affects all of us: how to support Google and 39 others in day of action Some of the biggest tech companies...


Best GPS running watches (December 2017)

There are plenty of great fitness trackers on the market right now, each of which cater to different users with different needs. Just need to keep an eye on your daily activity levels? Maybe the Fitbit Charge 2 or Garmin vívosport will suit your needs. Looking for something even che...

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