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Want to switch your provider? Soon you’ll be able to do it with a single text in the UK

UK regulatory body Ofcom is introducing a new way to move mobile providers called “auto-switch” Under the new rules, consumers will be able to switch networks with a single free text message The rules will come into play in July 2019 Switching your network carrier can be an absolute nig...


Best gifts for gamers

A lot of people who own smartphones and tablets use them for more than surfing the internet, texting, and socializing. They also use them a lot to play games. In a recent survey from Statista, 56 percent, or over half of the entire population of the US, are currently playing mobile games. That amoun...


Where to buy the best phones of 2017

We’ve now crowned the winner of our best Android phone of 2017 award, and you can view all the results at the previous link. After testing the handsets in various categories, the best phone honor went to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, while you guys voted for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8...


Improve your writing with a 1-year Grammarly subscription for 49% off

If you want to showcase your writing online on your own website, in your emails, or even on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others, you can help improve your articles by using Grammarly. It goes beyond simple spell checking to offer you instant corrections for hundreds of grammar mistake...


Facebook uses facial recognition to let you know when your face shows up in a picture

Facebook already uses facial recognition to some extent. Starting today, however, the social media juggernaut will expand on how it uses the technology by notifying you when someone uploads pictures with you in them, even if you weren’t tagged in them. According to Facebook’s blog post,...


GPD’s sequel to its handheld Windows gaming PC is far more powerful

Chinese manufacturer GPD has carved out a niche for itself making some impressive portable PCs, and the firm – which produced the GPD Pocket that we recently reviewed and liked – is coming out with a sequel to its popular handheld Windows gaming PC.The GPD Win 2 is being fired up as a ca...


Eufy RoboVac 11

Twenty years ago the idea of returning home at the end of a hard day's work to a freshly vacuumed carpet was a pipe dream, but thanks to robot vacuum cleaners this has been a feasible reality for a little over a decade.This experience has been expensive though with products from well known brands su...


You Can Now Temporarily Snooze Facebook Friends

Facebook is adding a Snooze button to your timeline. This enables you to temporarily unfollow someone without having to unfriend them. And their updates will start appearing again automatically after 30 days. Which is perfect for those who have annoying Facebook friends. Facebook is all about friend...


Mozilla Inserted a Mr. Robot Add-on Into Firefox

Mozilla has upset some of its most loyal users by inserting an add-on into Firefox without invitation or explanation. The add-on, called “Looking Glass,” turned out to be nothing more than part of the Mr. Robot ARG, but many Firefox users thought they had been hit with malware. Firefox a...


The Best Command Prompt Tricks and Tips

Microsoft wants users to move over from Command Prompt to PowerShell, but there are good reasons not to, the chief one being that PowerShell is more advanced and suited for power users. Command Prompt remains the better option for everyday users. Learn more in our overview of differences between Com...

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