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Nvidia will soon stop releasing drivers for 32-bit systems

While it's true that 64-bit systems have been the norm for some time now, if you're on an older machine and have to work with legacy hardware for whatever reason, you'll need to know that Nvidia will soon stop releasing graphics driver updates for 32-bit systems running Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.Yo...


Your next Chromebook could be powered by the Snapdragon 845

We know Qualcomm's powerhouse next-generation chip, the Snapdragon 845, is going to be fitted inside many an Android flagship of 2018, as well as a host of always connected laptops, but it sounds like the silicon could be making its way into Chromebooks too.That's according to the folks over at XDA...


Chrome’s new Clear Browsing Data Dialog is more complex

We all know that Google likes to tinker with the layout and design of the company's Chrome browser. While the company won't touch the actual interface much, it started to introduce material design changes to the browser some time ago. The last release version of Google Chrome changed the bookmarks i...


KB4057291 fixes AMD legacy card display issues on Windows 10

KB4057291 is a new update for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that addresses display issues on systems with AMD legacy cards. The patch is specifically for PCs with AMD legacy cards that got a driver update through Windows Update that brought the version of the driver to Microso...


Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker

Update: Need a bass-heavy Bluetooth speaker to really rock the holidays? Sony's SRS-XB40 might be the compact speaker you've been looking for. While it doesn't have the best sound of any speaker we've tested this year, and it's only splash-proof instead of completely water-proof, Sony's pint-sized m...


Bitcoin Explained: Should You Buy It Right Now?

Do you follow Bitcoin? At the start of December, the price of the cryptocurrency rocketed up to over $19,000 per coin. Early investors with nerves of steel now have portfolios worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. But the question on everyone’s lips is this: is it too late for me to inv...


Not All VPNs Are Made Equal, Avoid These Ones!

We highly recommend that all people use VPNs — there’s no doubt about that. Just look at all of these common activities where VPNs prove useful. Indeed, there are many reasons to always use a VPN online, including but not limited to improved personal privacy. But not all VPNs are worth u...


Facebook Demotes Posts That Beg for Likes

Having already tackled the problem of fake news, Facebook is ramping up its efforts to curb engagement bait. This being posts that ask for likes, shares, or comments. Just like clickbait, engagement bait is designed to turn users from passive observers to active participants. Initially, individual p...


5 Unique Trello Tips for Project Management

Trello is a terrific tool for managing projects and tasks. For project management with Trello, you can use its built-in tools for organization, tracking, and communication. However, what really makes Trello stand out are those features that are time-saving little extras. You may or may not know...


Best HDMI Cable for LG and Samsung TVs, Displays, and More

There’s an adage, “you get what you pay for.” However, on occasion, cheaper is better. That’s the case with an HDMI cable. As ironic as it may seem, purchasing low-priced cables for high-end devices, almost any HDMI cable will work. Learn about the best HDMI cables for your d...

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