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NoScript WebExtension update improves user interface

A new version of the Firefox security extension NoScript was released today. NoScript is the most recent WebExtensions version of NoScript. The developer of NoScript maintains two different versions of the extension right now: NoScript 5.x, a legacy add-on for Firefox ESR and Firefox pre-57...


Google pulls crypto-mining Chrome extension Archive Poster

Google removed Archive Poster from the Chrome Web Store the other day after reports emerged that the extension abused user devices to mine crypto-currency. Archive Poster's main function improved Tumblr, a popular blogging site. It allowed users to run actions -- reblog, queue, draft or like -- from...


The MakeUseOf Online Shopping Guide

Internet shopping requires knowing a lot more than just products. You need to know where to find reviews, how to shop safely, how to compare prices, and — above all else — how to get the best deals from your favorite sites, like Amazon, Walmart, and many other online retailers. We c...


Your Backbone Will Thank You: 6 Great Standing Desk Designs

Sitting can kill you or at least cause serious health issues. Unfortunately, many jobs require sitting at desks for several hours a day. While it’s tough to change what you do for a living, it’s pretty easy to switch your desk, and therefore your sitting and standing habits. An...


How to Turn Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Into a Fire TV Box

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great device, isn’t it? Ideal for watching Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, or installing Kodi! Then there’s apps like Plex for streaming video from a PC to your TV. But this HDMI TV stick isn’t so good for other things. For instance, you’re limit...


Is Bitmoji a Threat to Your Privacy?

Bitmoji was the number one most-downloaded app from Apple’s App Store in 2017. Millions of people have downloaded the app to create goofy, cute representations of themselves to share with friends and family. But what information does Bitmoji collect? Who does the company share that information...


How to Quickly Find a Photo in Google Photos

Most of us have a Google account, probably for something like Gmail or Google Calendar. But did you know that Google is also a great option for storing and searching all of your photos too? Google Photos offers free unlimited (compressed) storage for your photos, making them available across a multi...


Huawei Museum winner photos now showing in Times Square

Earlier this year,  Huawei launched a new contest called the Emergent Project as part of the smartphone company’s online photography community, the Huawei Museum. Earlier this month, the winners of the contest were revealed, and their images have been on display on a massive electron...


Intel in 2017: still the leader, but for how long?

At the beginning of 2017, Intel was the undisputed king when it came to desktop and laptop processors, but now, at the end of the year, while it still retains its leadership of the market, its position isn’t quite as unassailable as it used to be.In this article, we’ll evaluate how Intel...


Weekly Recap: 2017, We Out!

2017 is ready to end, so to send it off like we know how, we hosted a special Droid Life Show today that recapped most of the year. We also shared our favorite Android phone of 2017, answered your questions for the 50th time, saw the Galaxy S9 take a major step closer to release, and might be able t...

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