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Android version distribution: Nougat sees significant growth

Android Nougat almost catches up to Marshmallow, which still leads the Android distribution numbers Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread have stayed the same compared to last year Oreo saw a meager 0.2-percent increase, but we should see a bigger jump soonThe first Android distribution numbers of 20...


Shure’s $99 USB Type-C headphone cable is basically a dongle

Alongside its $99 Lightning and Bluetooth cables, Shure announced its USB Type-C replacement cable The $99 cable features an MMCX connector and a Cirrus Logic digital-to-analog converter Shure’s USB Type-C cable should be available soon I haven’t personally owned a pair of Shure headph...


Intel vows to stop Meltdown and Spectre by the end of January

Intel wasted no time during its CES 2018 keynote to address the Meltdown and Spectre bugs potentially threatening all its processors.During the keynote, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used the opening moments to promise that the company would patch 90% of affected processors made in the past five years by...


Corsair has made the wireless PC gaming setup of our dreams

Wireless gaming peripherals, once bemoaned for adding latency, are now the prized by all PC gamers for the mobility they add. Last year, we saw one of the first wireless gaming keyboards from Logitech, and now Corsair is getting into the game with the Corsair K63 Wireless at CES 2018.This ten-keyles...


Acer and Asus are courting Alexa – does this mean Cortana’s dumped?

Oh, Cortana, will you ever be truly loved? Microsoft really did try, naming you after a character in its (once popular, now less so) Halo series, and embedding you so deeply into Windows 10, that yours is the first voice we hear when we install the operating system (which can be a little frightening...


See if you can beat today's BT broadband price rise with one of these internet deals

BT counts around 10 million households among its huge share of the UK internet market. That's a LOT of disgruntled customers it presumably had on its hands when it announced its latest round of price rises on BT broadband and Infinity fibre.Deals are going up by as much as £2.50 a month from t...


Weekly Recap: CES 2018 Kicks Off Next Week!

Kellen and I will touch down in Las Vegas this Sunday for CES 2018, which hopefully proves to be a week full of fun announcements and new products. We don’t know what to expect in terms of Android announcements, but we’ll be there if anything happens, don’t worry. This week, Google...


Lightning DEAL: This AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Charger is Just $10.49 Right Now (Updated!)

This deal won’t be around much longer, but if you hurry over to Amazon, you can grab an AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger for just $10.49 ($3.50 off). It won’t be around long because this is a lightning deal, so be quick about it. With this charger, you’ll be able to fast charge...


Google Has Sold a Google Home Every Second Since October 19

Google has never been one to share specific sales numbers for its hardware devices, but in a blog post from today, the company gave us a rough idea at how many Google Home devices have shipped and the metric they used may impress you. According to Google, the company sold a Google Home every second...


Upgraded Nokia 6 2nd-Gen Hits China, Hopefully Finds the US Too

The second-generation of the Nokia 6 is now up for pre-order in China, with no word quite yet on when or if it will hit the US. For being priced at around $230, the new Nokia 6 is a good looking handset, with a body made from 6000 series aluminum and improvements made throughout the phone. The new m...

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